69Ministry of Finance on the new energy vehicle fraud punishment file|Ministry of Finance on the new energy vehicle fraud punishment file1

Ministry of Finance on new energy vehicles to cheat the punishment of the Ministry of Finance issued a document on the introduction of new energy vehicles fraud punishment documents! A large number of vehicles shall not grant the source: new energy vehicles all the first commercial vehicle network are anxious to cheat up punishment policy, and finally in the recently established. The first commercial vehicle network to the latest was informed that the Ministry of the Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, and the development and Reform Commission recently jointly issued a document, made detailed provisions on 2015 new energy vehicles, especially the new energy bus expenses of punishment. According to the document, "recently, the general office of the State Council on the promotion and application of new energy vehicles for a special inspection, the Ministry of finance financial supervision commissioner’s offices (hereinafter referred to as the" Office of the commissioner ") on the use of new energy vehicles to promote the application of grant funds management conducted a special inspection. According to the State Council approved the "Ministry of Finance on punishment problems promote the application of new energy vehicles subsidy check request" (financial supervision No. [2016]16), the notice of 2013-2015 subsidies for new energy vehicles liquidation work related matters as follows: "serious subsidies to cancel qualification qualification and vehicle production first, inspection of the Office of the Commissioner of the enterprise has. According to the examination results of the liquidation of grant funds. (a) of the vehicle without production or factory violations in advance for motor vehicle license of the enterprise, the problem of the vehicle will not grant, since 2016, the abolition of the enterprise financial subsidy eligibility, depending on the rectification according to the program to the qualification examination and approval of financial subsidies. According to the law in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise production and sales of vehicles in 2015, according to the provisions of the central government to declare 2015 annual financial subsidies. Ministry of finance will be issued in accordance with the provisions of the decision to deal with the punishment of such enterprises (issued separately), after the payment of fines, before liquidation. Malicious fraud, particularly serious circumstances of the enterprise, in 2015 the production and sales of all vehicles will not be granted to recover the pre allocated all subsidies in 2015, canceled its vehicle production qualification. (two) installation, lack of capacity is not enough, the product key indicators and the "notice" discrepancies and so on sales of the vehicle is not installed battery or battery, to recover the funds of financial subsidy vehicles in 2013 and 2014 to 2015, the vehicle shall not grant the problem. Ministry of finance will be issued in accordance with the provisions of the decision to deal with the punishment of such enterprises (issued separately), after the payment of fines, before liquidation. Such enterprises in accordance with the law in accordance with the provisions of the production and sales of vehicles in 2015, still in accordance with the provisions of the central government to declare 2015 annual financial subsidies. (three) for vehicles meet the factory standards, but the sale is related enterprises rather than end users and related vehicle idle, advance enterprise seek subsidies, the recovery has allocated the central subsidies, vehicle sales to end users and actual operation, according to the actual delivery and operation of the use of annual subsidies to declare the liquidation. (four) the vehicle is delivered to the end user, but not the actual operation (excluding lease companies), including before the end of February 2016 vehicle production enterprises will be sold to non related parties of the user but the user did not mention the car or car users but not actual operation and vehicle depot in the idle state, by temporarily the body

79The United States IDS data mixed officials keep dovish speech|The United States IDS data mixed officials keep dovish speech5

The United States IDS: data mixed officials speak tight dovish clients view the latest market in 2016, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) members voting, Saint Louis Fed President Brad said in an interview on Thursday, although all fed meeting theory have retained the possibility of rising interest rates, but in fact the November meeting is unlikely to take action after the meeting, when President Yellen (Jannet Yellen) will hold a press conference. Brad pointed out that many members want to raise interest rates before the end of the year, which means that this is a basic situation at this stage. As a matter of fact, there have been several meetings without a press conference, and for this reason, we tend not to take action at these meetings. If you think we should take action at a policy meeting with a press conference, there will be only one meeting this year (the December meeting)." Brad in the early years has been identified as the Fed hawks, and now he is standing firmly in the "things have changed" camp, things change degree let him think the Fed should raise interest rates again only once, then halt the troops and wait until there is evidence that, productivity, economic growth or inflation is fundamental change. Gold on Thursday due to the U.S. economic data and the Fed views of dragons and fishes jumbled together, differences become more serious, the price of gold closed flat on the day that the basic shocks, the lowest intraday had hit $1316.1 more than a week low. The current price of gold technology slightly pessimistic. U.S. data released Thursday showed that U.S. real GDP in the second quarter quarter final value was recorded in 1.4%, higher than the expected 1.3% quarter GDP growth rate of only 0.8%. At the same time, the United States in September 24th when the weekly jobless claims to 254 thousand, the 82 consecutive weeks at 300 thousand below the mark, indicating that the country’s labor market is still on the track of healthy growth. However, the United States in August NAR quarter after the signing of contract sales fell 2.4% to $108.5, the lowest since January. After the stronger than expected U.S. economic data in the second quarter and the number of jobless claims released early in the week, the New Zealand Dollar Index rose to a high of $96.68 on Thursday. However, lower than the expected property market data, the dollar fell, the price of gold has gradually rebounded to above $1320. When positive economic data released, investors bet that the United States will raise interest rates. Rising interest rates will increase the opportunity cost of holding gold without income. In addition, Thursday on the Deutsche Bank exacerbated the negative news of the investor fears over the European banking sector may be a problem, even evolved into a financial crisis also highlighted concerns. The Wall Street stock market plunged, panic index soared 26%, while gold and treasury bonds and other safe haven gains. But gold increases did not show strong action, the short atmosphere is still strong, gold seems will continue to decline. Downstream direction, support at 1316 level, below this position will turn to focus on the 1310. If again below, will open the door to the level of 1300. Upside resistance.