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10.9 next Monday how to operate crude oil? Will it be bullish or bearish next week? How do Sina asphalt single quilt fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! 10.9 next week how to operate crude oil? Will it be bullish or bearish next week? After more than a single quilt asphalt do I have experienced many failures, day and night, countless countless, countless helpless record, enough to make me talk about the qualification of market ups and downs in the market here, not a word can be stated through years, it is not a failure can deny. Market fluctuations will to a market can make a great man and a world-class rich, can also mean to you can’t easily earn 10 fen; over the years, I adhere to the consistent from beginning to end in exchange for today, many followers consistent from beginning to end. Believe that the need for time precipitation, eternal, I need you to cherish to continue. [news] analysis during the national day of crude oil futures and produced an agreement to promote continued to rise, as of the first working day of October 7 Japan adjustment period, crude oil price change was 9.7[[%]], corresponding to the maximum retail price of domestic refined oil increase 310 yuan tons, but due from the price adjustment window is still open for a long time, the international crude oil price will be the direct influence of oil price adjustment in the final. Beijing time 03:002016 FOMC, Kansas Fed President George will participate in the annual meeting of the International Finance Association to discuss the prospects for the U.S. economy. The current round of oil price adjustment cycle of the first working day, crude oil price change rate of 9.7[[%]], the highest retail price of domestic refined oil corresponds to an increase of about 310 yuan per ton. Beijing time on Saturday (October 8th) 01:00 announced the United States to the week of October 7th, the total number of oil drilling was 428, higher than expected and the previous value of 425. The total number of wells in the United States recorded an increase for the 15 consecutive week, the highest level since February 2016. After the data were released, the oil price shock. Summary: recent oil traders are more concerned about OPEC’s remarks and its plans to cut production. Despite doubts about the details of the plan and OPEC’s compliance with the plan, oil prices have risen to their highest level since June. But on Friday, the price rise momentum in the Russian energy minister Novak held in Turkey next week’s Energy Conference ended. Analysis of crude oil and asphalt technology [next week operation strategy] from the daily view, due to the impact of cold production protocol, crude oil for 7 consecutive days collected, has exceeded 50 minute long, very strong. From the 1 hours, the current price of oil is still running in an upward trend, and increased channel intact, the average system is still the standard long, but the price is on the rise and the MACD energy column is shrinking, the stage of departure from the top, short-term oil prices callback needs, possible transaction intensive areas and MA30 the coincidence site will get support below the callback to continue upward, if there can be bullish on相关的主题文章: