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14 signals that the baby is abnormal, must pay attention to! Baby baby – Sohu later than the normal developmental level of the phenomenon of abnormal signal within 11 years old can not be reached the physiological age of perception and motor development level. Abnormal signal 2 will be very late to smile, do not pay attention to other people’s speech, often accompanied by motor retardation. Not easy to detect abnormal abnormal signal 3 babies sleep too much, looks like a good child, neither crying nor noisy, very quiet, indifferent to the surrounding environment. Abnormal signal 4 eye function dysplasia, because they do not look at the surrounding objects, often mistaken for visual barriers. So when you think the baby visual problems, but also should pay attention to the development of intelligence. Abnormal signal 5 is not sensitive to sound stimulation, often misunderstood as hearing impaired. Therefore, the deaf children should pay attention to. 6 abnormal signal when walking, the feet collide with each other, often fall, while the normal baby will go after this phenomenon will not occur again. Abnormal signal 7 often occurs in the conscious state of molar movement. The abnormal signal 8 for no response to stimulation, such as the need to repeatedly sustained stimulation caused by crying. And crying sound or a sharp cry, or a direct sound, like a normal child crying tone changes. Abnormal signal 9 is not interested in things around the environment, even toys. When you do something, you can’t concentrate, often dull. Abnormal signal 10 in infants with excessive sleep, early childhood with no purpose too much activity. Delay phenomena abnormal signals of 11 normal infants in 3 months or so often love watching their own hands, and repeatedly played, if this action in the baby 6 months later also continue to exist, may be normal or not. Abnormal signal 12 normal infants at the age of 6~1 months of this stage, always like to put things in the mouth, but with the development of no longer put into the 2. And the mentally ill babies will persist until the age of 2. Abnormal signal 13 normal children aged 3 to 4 months to deliberately throw things into the ground, and the abnormal behavior of the child will continue for a long time, the behavior of the child is not the same as the children of the normal age of 1. Abnormal signal 14 to 1 years of age and often drooling, normal children will stop at the age of 1. Parents should be aware of the problem when the child appears in some of the above mentioned cases, parents do not stress too much, after all, it is just a signal, does not mean that a certain intelligence flawed. Because they are in the growth and development, it is possible to change. It is important to take the children to the protection mechanism as soon as possible the detailed investigation and observation. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: