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Internet-Marketing 1-Focus your website on your visitors and customers desires, not on yourself. Be sure they know what is in it for them, not that you won an award for your business. For example, do not make your ad mostly about what you have done; make it about what benefits the reader will get from buying your products or service. 2-Allow visitors to submit a free classified ad on your web site. Require them to give a valid e-mail address in order to post an ad. You could also require them to return after a set time to resubmit. You could also ask that they give you a reciprocal link in return on their web site. 3-Allow other people to publish your e-zine articles on their web site. Include your website ad and link in each issue you publish. This may also help you increase the number of people who subscribe to your e-zine. You could also allow people to use your full issue for their own e-zine as long as they include your links and signature. 4-When you purchase a product or visit a site and it exceeds your expectations or has great information, e-mail a testimonial to the .pany. Make sure your statement is detailed. Give them permission to publish it on their web site if they link to your site. For example, under your testimonial you could sign it (your name) Author of (your book) Visit (your site). 5-Give away the e-book or software as a gift to your current customers as a way of letting them know you appreciate their business. Place an ad in the e-book for a new back-end product you’re offering. For example, you could say, We Are Giving You This E-book As A Way To Say Thanks For Being One Of Our Loyal Customers. 6-Make money cross-promoting your e-book with other peoples products or services; this is a great easy technique and could double your marketing effort without spending more time and money on your part. For example, you could package your business e-book with a search engine submission service and it is a win, win situation for you both. 7-When you create a new product or service; just give your subscribers a free copy or limited membership. These folks are the most likely to purchase the upgrade and of course pass it on to friends. 8-You can earn residual in.e from your customers by selling back-end products. If you do not have any, you could sign up to related affiliate programs. For example, you could say Thanks for ordering our product. If you would like to learn more about web marketing, I highly re.mend (affiliate product)! 9-Most people want life to be easier and quicker. Give your prospects easy ordering instructions, easy product instructions, etc. For example, you could say, our product .es with step-by-step, easy ordering instructions! Also make sure your website is as easy as possible to navigate. 10-Reward your customers for giving you feedback on your product or service, it could be discounted products, useful software, information products, etc. For example, you could say, Could you please give us any helpful feedback on how to improve our product or service and you will get a free business e-book or software program. 11-Give away a follow-up e-mail course on anything helpful pertaining to your product or service. Include your ad with each lesson. People will buy quicker when they see your ad repeatedly. For example, how many times have you bought something because you have seen the advertisement on TV or in the news paper over a period of a few of weeks? 12-Run a contest or sweepstakes for your customers or visitors, give away free ebooks or reports, cash, t-shirts, caps anything with your .pany logo. People love freebies, Use short polls or surveys for them to enter and increase your opt in lists. Plus be sure to use email to announce winners and notify them of new contests in the future. 13-Add forums or message boards to your site. It will give you visitors a way to be more active on your website. An article section is also a good idea and gives your customers a reason to return more often. 14-Create urgency for a product or offer, you want buyers to buy now. Tell buyers your offer will not be available again. You can always sell that product again with bonuses or a special priced package. Plus you can put a limit on the actual number of products for sale. 15-Turn your ads into a story or How to articles, people are more likely to continue reading your copy if you do this. People love stories, tall tales and humor, use these in your marketing and on your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: