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182 groups of "family doctor" free to serve the elderly — Xinjiang channel free entrance examination of people. "More and more older, the body is more and more not listen to the order, now want to go to the hospital can not move, and today they come home to help me check the body, to see me, I really thank them, thank them for caring about me."." In October 13th, retired veteran Chen Xianwen, who lives in the Guangming community of the ten division and the 182 regiment, said excitedly. This year, the 182 regiment hospital dedicated to carry out service measures, a family doctor and community residents and community services contract is over 65 years old and family suffering from severe mental illness, the mobility of the elderly people signed 347 major service projects, is used to detect ECG, blood routine, blood pressure and blood sugar etc.. "The weather gradually cold, considering some of the elderly is not convenient to the hospital to check, so we decided to enter the hospital community home a free physical examination of the difficulties workers and the mobility of the elderly, according to the inspection results we will give advice and suggestions, in order to facilitate the masses, we will regularly the hospital the mobility of the elderly to provide door-to-door service." Li Bin, vice president of the 182 regiment hospital, said. It is understood that the group of 182 family physicians for diabetes patients, hypotension patients every three months to check once, people over the age of 65, the mobility of the annual free home for a check-up, timely provide health care to the elderly, the warmth of every man, really do cut service to patients. (Xie Guoqing Liu Nan) (Hatton: commissioning editor (Internship), Gul Han Ting)

一八二团“家庭医生”免费上门为老人服务–新疆频道–人民网   免费上门体检。   “年龄越来越大,身体也越来越不听使唤了,现在想去医院都走不动了,今天他们到家里来帮我检查身体,给我看病,我真的特别感谢他们,谢谢他们关心我。”10月13日,家住十师一八二团光明社区的退休老人陈先文激动的说。   今年以来,一八二团医院致力于开展便民服务措施,签订家庭医生与社区居民签约服务,共与小区65岁以上家庭及患有重度精神病患者、行动不便的老年人签约347人,主要服务项目是对心电图、血常规、血压血糖等项目进行检测。   “天气慢慢的冷了,考虑到有些老人不方便到医院来做检查,所以我们医院就决定进入社区上门对困难职工及行动不便的老年人进行一次免费的体检,针对检查结果我们会及时给予意见和建议,为了方便群众,以后我们医院还会定期的为这些行动不便的老人提供上门服务。”一八二团医院副院长李斌介绍说。   据了解,一八二团家庭医生针对糖尿病病人、低血压病人每三个月上门体检一次,对65岁以上行动不便的老年人每年上门免费体检一次,及时的给老人提供了健康保障,温暖了每一位老人,真切做到了服务于患者。(谢国庆 刘楠) (责编:阿通古丽(实习)、韩婷)相关的主题文章: