2016 Beijing Luneng welcome back neighborhood culture festival grand opening — real estate —sweets parade

2016 Beijing Luneng "Welcome  back" neighborhood culture festival grand opening — real estate — people.com.cn (Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) The annual traditional festival, the Glass neighborhood cultural festival in the early autumn of August, to welcome the Yosemite study abroad students to return home once a year, with "Welcome back" as the theme of the neighborhood culture festival, 2016 grand opening in the center of town Luneng Glass. Like the Rose Festival in the town of Glass, France, the annual theme of the Cultural Festival is the most special, the most grand, the most popular festival in the lives of small town owners occupy an important position. This activity is jointly sponsored by the Glass and Yosemite club, this is a neighborhood party open up a fresh outlook, but also a grand occasion in the elegant life. Wonderful trip Glass elegant bazaar, bazaar, and not the original home of modern life. Since ancient times, "Zhou Li" in the records, "fifty miles of the city". Today, the market not only plays provide daily life function, but also showcase lifestyle social places. Three pm, Glass commercial center of town mobile stalls crowded before the opening of the market. Along the way to see the past, the flow of people, goods are jade jewelry, ceramic painting, a superb collection of beautiful things, dizzying. From time to time the owners came to the booth and stall talk, listen to the story behind the craft; the owners have stalls out homemade products, handicrafts, and those who come to visit the exchange of ideas with enthusiasm. Many organic food stalls, especially by the Blitz, scenes reminiscent of the world famous Morges market. At dusk, the town, the most popular dinner and evening started. A happy warm Bongo began the evening off. Tai Chi Chan performances, such as the Glass Choir wonderful, surprise again and again. Finally, the owners are more distressed at parting. Especially children, friendship is more direct: exchange favorite snacks, toys, a little secret, can be proud of friends. One day, enough to gain a solid friendship. And this experience, in the child’s growth is essential. The owners are pleased to see this point, have lamented the rewarding, worthwhile. The new Glass comprehensive upgrading to lead the life of Glass and French elegance classic architectural style as the representation, to the traditional living habits for internal Chinese elite. Within 3 kilometers of water natural bay, 240 thousand?, 300 acres of the original ecological wetland, building 450, 800 square meters of French pure single family. 0.3 ultra low volume rate, multiple rich matching, open an unprecedented noble way of life. 30 thousand, the town center as a small town supporting resources concentrated area, is the soul of the entire residential area. Carefully designed landscape street, the formation of exotic neighborhoods. Covering the high-end hotel, wine, coffee, Tai Chi Zen, French restaurant and other facilities, the international high-end education (be too numerous to enumerate; the British International School, Dulwich) the introduction of medical resources, is the owner of the first stop on the park international life. In addition, 200 acres of happy farm相关的主题文章: