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"The 2016 China IP Industry Report": the network novels become the most important source of IP – Television News Agency Beijing in September 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) "blue book" by the Tsinghua University media research group compiled the "2016 China IP Industry Report" released in Beijing on 13. Report the current public IP television project, through the analysis of the data model, to evaluate the influence of IP, and introduced the "super IP-TOP100 China influence list, the top three is a comic novel" 19 days "," Tomb notes "and" journey to the West ". 13 release of the list, there are 61 network novels, traditional novels for the 29. Lu Jinzhu, head of the task force, said that the proportion of traditional original screenwriter projects fell sharply, the network has become the most important source of novel IP film, comic adaptation of the film or become a new growth point. Following the "one hundred thousand joke movie" success, there are 9 comics into the Chinese super IP-TOP100 list. IP is the copyright or intellectual property rights, in recent years, from the television to the adaptation of the game, to the surrounding product development, more and more IP film industry and capital markets sought, especially based on many popular novels etc. the film adaptation projects, such as "the movie to us eventually lost youth", "ghost chuideng the Dragon tactic TV drama", "energy-saving" and other works "" spend thousands of bone success, let the market increasingly popular IP. Film and television companies and investors generally believe that a large number of original fans and high visibility of the IP can save marketing costs, low risk, high return, and thus has a higher investment value. IP trading prices soaring, the original author of the price soared, some "super IP" project pushed up to tens of millions of levels, individual writers have not even finished has been scheduled. In view of this phenomenon, vice president Cui Baoguo, Professor of Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication, in support of national policy, the development momentum of Chinese IP industry is good, but also conducive to the sustained and healthy development of copyright market and cultural industry professional upgrade. But at the same time, he also for the IP value of exaggerated issues warning, over the past ten years is China gradually rise to network literature from the peak period of development, excellent IP accumulated in this stage, being the capital driven film industry rapid consumption. But the IP value need to properly assess, positive interaction and cultivation of IP development, the film culture industry should All flowers bloom together. Professor of audio visual communication research center, Peking University, Professor of land, IP industry is facing an important problem is to enhance the quality of IP. The lives of young people to create a limited accumulation, powerful works, to be more formal writers participation or knowledge accumulation of culture, so to change the network culture view quality through the author team of change to promote work. At the same time, also need to enhance the participation of capital. (end)相关的主题文章: