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2016 China (Lingshui) China table tennis world champion exhibition Lingshui staged passion eight tennis star UPS detonated the eye in September 17th, 2016 China (Lingshui) China table tennis world champion exhibition in Lingshui shooting from Chinese and hot, the eight European table tennis stars gathered in the hills, four groups of star player powerful duel detonated the scene, brought together a gluttonous feast of table tennis for the fans of Lingshui. This competition big gathering, Wang Tao, Wang Hao, Ding Song and Ma Wenji, and Persson Lo Skov of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, the Chen Weixing Metz eight large coffee table tennis all join, among them, the cultural revolution of Metz Ding Song, Ma Persson, Wang Tao to Lo Skov, Wang Hao to Chen Weixing, the championship against the team injected the brilliant aspect for the exhibition. Pictured from Denmark Metz to wok for the racket to participate in interactive. Chen Siguo photo pictured from Sweden’s Persson cell phone as a racket to participate in the interaction. Photo by Chen Siguo at 19:30 in the evening, Lingshui agile stadium, bursting with popularity enthusiasm, in a brief ceremony after the cultural revolution and the horse Metz contest officially kicked off the show, both skilled tennis tactics and technology exhibition, won applause and cheering, fierce competition for the majority of table tennis enthusiasts the stunning visual enjoyment. Hainan Province, deputy director of the Department of Sports Culture Publishing radio Yang Yiguang, President of the Hainan provincial table tennis association Huang Chengkun, Hainan Province Sports Bureau Sports Cultural Broadcasting Publishing Department researcher Li Yeting, President of the Hainan Tennis Association Huang Chengkun, Hainan province Table Tennis Association Secretary General Fu Pingzi, Lingshui party secretary Mai Zhenghua, Lingshui County Council Chairman Huang Wenchang and other four leading groups visit the site to watch the game. In order to enhance the scene and fun to watch, at halftime link, the organizing committee set up interactive game players and spectators, every fight after the end of the game, players also invited the audience to play "learn" skills, and send out Autographed gifts such as table tennis, racket. In the second game after the game, the organizing committee has arranged an open up a fresh outlook "ping pong wars", players can use the mini racket, racket with holes, and even to the audience and the spatula and chic "racket" for the fans to add the experience view ball full of wit and humour. As the depth of build Lingshui sports brand, the promotion of "beautiful Lingshui pearl coast" unique charm and appeal, after the end of the game, the Lingshui party secretary Mai Zhenghua also to the champion was awarded an honorary citizen of Lingshui Award "and the souvenir brocade. It is reported that Lingshui will be the celebrity effect of the sports industry, to create a strong cultural atmosphere of sports, help Lingshui’s sports culture to a deeper level of development. In recent years, with the large stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, Lingshui county national badminton team training base and other sports facilities have been completed, the county has successfully hosted the National Women’s freestyle wrestling championship, the international badminton tournament, games, Chinese dragon boat race and other major sporting events, has laid a good foundation for promoting the coordinated development of competitive sports and mass sports. The theme of this competition is "help ping pong"相关的主题文章: