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2016 autumn tea Pu’er Market: those things to eat and drink tea – Sohu Yunnan autumn view of the autumn tea trees in Yunnan, many people have a smattering of knowledge, the impression is rain, feel the quality of the tea as strong tea. But if you go to the old tea garden after careful study, you will have a new understanding, the more important point is to study the old tea (autumn tea) changes; when you drink know, trees autumn tea quality will not lose to the spring, the cause of the error is diverse. One is that many people are the ancient tea when Green Tea drink, the first impression is the pursuit of tea is sweet and delicious, fragrance or sense; while ignoring the autumn tea sweet and thick soup. The author proves the collection value of autumn tea from the following points. 1, reduce the yield on a farm Yiwu tea tea production can reach 300 kilograms of dry tea, tea and autumn (Gu Hua), from early September to early October National Day can only achieve 100 kilograms of dry tea. Production is equivalent to the spring of 13, as long as the soil fertilizer and light enough local tea to germinate, approached the ancient tea look no germination. 10 years ago the autumn tea quality is low, more farmers home conditions are simple, even a regular clean Shaichang are not, past you drink to Brown mountain autumn tea have a smoke, a lot of old people still miss this special taste…… Now the farmers income is high, the tea has been clean, autumn tea frying, dry and can be comparable to the spring. 2, autumn tea more fat, more green tea bud "crude and careless" is the best portrayal of autumn tea, especially the drinking habits of Wu Yi old sweet tea, the tea stalk has been Yi Wu ancient tea traits; due to rain, tea picking tea would have been pushed back, so the tea buds of old. But if you don’t pick the autumn tea, tea tea production next year will be reduced by half. Good old tea, autumn tea bud oil better, more white fluff…… Study 3, past the old tea if you study the past Laosheng Wu Yi tea, you will have many amazing discoveries, cakes of raw materials are with cake within one year of spring and autumn, spring accounted for only 12 of a tea cake, do not do so in order to reduce costs, but to make tea there are more coordinated, fragrant, sweet, rhyme, more conducive to the late aging was born the taste of the tea. Pu’er Tea purchase, brewing and drinking and preservation of knowledge sharing on, please add the South Beauty Beauty Tea Dong Ming? Personal micro number: dydy500 (long press copy) details. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea secret – Iceland tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? (without the front as an example) concerned about the tea net public number: ishuocha read above. This paper says tea net reprint, author: Li tea. Click on the lower right corner of the free subscription [said] tea相关的主题文章: