21 of the world’s top 25 players Feng Shanshan Lin Xiyu team debut LPGA Finale-mmhouse

21 of the world’s top 25 players Feng Shanshan Lin Xiyu unveiled the LPGA finale competition sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 15th message, LPGA this week ending: CME tour Championships will be held at the Naples Tiburon golf club, 68 people including 21 team competition of the world’s top 25 players, including two China players: Feng Shanshan and Lin Xiyu. CME Tour Championship qualifying for the week before the CME world championship points in the Top 72 players and LPGA Championship (whether it is not a member). Unfortunately, last week the impact of Yan Jing qualification failed, only Feng Shanshan and Lin Xiyu two Chinese players get tickets. The total bonus of $2 million also did not eliminate the game line, the winner can get $500 thousand. But even more important is that the CME global competition for a season will end this week, with a total of $1 million. After the CME global competition present integral integral reset, the top three players, Arija Gao Baojing and Brook Henderson in the game as long as the other players win, regardless of what position, will win the championship. However, in theory, the top nine players have the opportunity to score, including the continuous win of the two races LPGA, ranked Feng Shanshan ranked in the top sixth. Feng Shanshan is the current state of the most popular players, in 2013 she had won the tournament, for which she received $700 thousand award. Of course, another state is fire in Spain – Carlotta Sikandar (Carlota  Ciganda) will also be participating. After her breakthrough in Hana Bank Championship last month, last week held in Mexico – Lorena Ochoa Invitational (Lorena  Ochoa  Invitational) win again. Last year, Gao Baojing won the race of Champions (map) in the past two years, the high Baojing won this award. The first year of implementation of high Baojing POM, at the same time to win the game and the championship. But the next year, she won the seventh place in the global competition, but still CME on the top, for second consecutive years took a $1 million check. Last year’s winner was won by veteran Christie – (Cristie  Kerr). 12 months ago, she played in the final round of the game, including the last four holes, a bird, an eagle – the lead in won the top second in the championship in 2015, is also a career in the top eighteenth champion. This year, Christie – Cole will return to the game, she did not win this season, but won 4 top ten. Jilin’s Peeler (Gerina  Piller) last year in the last six holes caught 5 birds, but is still not enough to catch up with Christie Cole. The weekend two rounds of 67 bar let her second times in the year ending runner up (another is the 2013 defeat by von Shan Shan). Jilin – Peeler’s steady state in)相关的主题文章: