23 hot spots Ross returned to training Huangxin Zhan fifth seat mvp- sports season at Sohu-beself

23 hot spots: Ross returned to training Huangxin Zhan fifth seat MVP- sports season at Sohu Beijing time on October 22nd, let us review the news today: TOP5 (click to view the full text headings) 1 Ross return to training: feel like a return to heaven thing that I regret from the U.S. media reported that in cases of sexual abuse by after the acquittal, Derek – Ross finally return to the Nicks team to participate in training. During this period the biggest regret, "Rose" is said to miss his son’s birthday party. "It feels like going back to heaven," Ross said. "I’ve had a little bit of a situation, but I’m happy that I’ve been focused on basketball. I have been preparing for the new season, I just want to go on the pitch, let the game speak." Ross missed his son’s birthday party as a result of the trial. "I am an adult, but let yourself in such a situation, so I must be out of their own," Ross said, "all things, only let me feel sad to have missed my son’s birthday party, I also did not accompany the family, this is the two thing I care most." 2 James: the new season at fifth MVP trophy playing time limited and how reporting from ESPN, the new season Brown Saylor James’s playing time will be limited, but the Cavaliers star believes he can still win the personal occupation career the fifth MVP award in the 16-17 season. James even took Stephen curry for example, curry is 2015 and 16 years of the two regular season MVP. Worried about the limited time of the play to capture the probability of MVP? "No," said James, "because the curry averaged only played 31 minutes, but still win MVP." James may remember — Curitiba 14-15 season, averaging 32.7 minutes, 34.2 minutes of the 15-16 season. But James expressed a clear point of view, even if he is 31 years old, entered the career of the fourteenth season, still have the ability to impact the MVP trophy. Up to now, James won a total of 4 regular season MVP trophy, tied with the history of the history of Chamberlain, third. 3 Knight guard line against Erwin for brain concussion or absence of the opener in Beijing on October 23rd news, reporting from ESPN, the Cavaliers officially announced that backup guard Kay feld in training on Saturday had been hit in the head. According to the relevant provisions of NBA, other need to accept the concussion, only through to continue training and play. The October 26th season opener, the Cavaliers will lead the team home court against Nicks. Cavaliers side said that Field is not sure whether it will be able to comeback, they will announce on Tuesday morning local time. This is not good news for the Cavaliers, because the team’s point guard depth is not deep. The offseason, Matthew turned to his Delaweiduowa bucks. As for Mo Williams, but before accepting left knee surgery, also retired choice, but the problem is, he still holds a regular season.相关的主题文章: