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28, Nanning housing provident fund deposit workers enjoy "one-stop service" in the past, workers paid for provident fund loans, housing provident fund management center first needs to submit materials, through 10 working days after the approval of the public to be the center, take the relevant materials to the bank to sign face. Provident fund loans in the future can only apply for a business." Nanning housing provident fund management center loan service department responsible person, the loan service after the opening, will be responsible for the centralized processing of city level (six city, excluding Wuming) individual housing provident fund loan approval, acceptance, payment and recovery work, the city business department no longer accept individual housing provident fund loan business, and be responsible for the formulation and to improve the operating norms of individual housing provident fund loans and supervision of loans by banks, also to provide for other individual housing provident fund loans related business (including early repayment, the relevant certificate issued, debit account change business). Yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the opening of the loan service department of more than 1 thousand square meters, each window is displayed for the selected bank loans, deposit workers only need to take a number in the service hall for banking business can choose. By then, there will be construction bank, industrial and commercial bank, Chinese bank, agricultural bank, Bank of communications, the Beibu Gulf Bank, CITIC Bank 7 banks site office workers paid only errands once, you can fix the provident fund loan business. It is worth noting that since November 28th, the city business department will stop accepting individual housing provident fund loan business management department, counties still receive normal individual housing provident fund loan business. At the same time cancel the management center credit management division, the original business and work functions were transferred to the loan services. Reminder – working time: Monday to Friday (except public holidays) morning 9:00 – 12:00; 13:00 p.m. – 17:00 address: Long Lake Road, Qingxiu District Nanning City No. 18 Zhongtian Century Garden A district and A District No. 19-1 layer two layer 3, No. 4 (cross road Long Lake Road and long road, long Jingyuan diagonally opposite) Tel: 0771-12329 – News payments appear upside down   deposit loan rate of Nanning Miss News – Nanning evening news (reporter   Ling Jianyi) according to statistics, this year 1 to October, the Nanning provident fund earmarked for 4 billion 700 million yuan, 3 billion 700 million yuan provident fund. From 1 to October, the city’s housing provident fund issued a total of 8585 pens, a total of 3 billion 535 million yuan loan ratio has reached 75.4%. Among them, the city level in October a loan ratio of 84.83%, red alert is close to 85%. Concerned about the situation of different loans, stakeholders pointed out that up to now there are still a lot of foreigners to buy a house in Nanning. "According to the lending amounts and transaction sets the number of projections, this year for every 100 people in the provident fund loans to buy a house, there are 10 different places is getting to Nanning." Data statistics, this year 1 – October received a total of 970 pen, the amount of $417 million 360 thousand, issued a total of 406 pen, the amount of $164 million 90 thousand. This reporter has learned that last year.相关的主题文章: