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3 people off illegal wild bath rescued from drowning 1 seconds away from danger – Beijing Changchun evening news reporter Chen Qiong 26 afternoon, South Lake Park lake, a boat on the lake tourist illegal under the wild bath, 3 people have drowned. Fortunately, the rescue in time, finally rescued successfully. One drowning serious tourists only a few seconds is the difference between life and death, make people scared. 15 pm the same day, the South Lake Park monitoring command center staff through monitoring system found that two tourists off the lifejacket sitting on the side to immediately jumped into the lake. The staff immediately notify the lifeguard to rescue. Two people just started to call for help, the situation is critical." Park Service Center, said the person in charge, soon third tourists also jumped into the water to try to rescue the two. Fortunately, the lifeboat soon arrived, lifeguard He Xiangdou directly jumped into the water to rescue, 3 drowning has rescued ashore, one person has been unconscious, another two people frightened. The tourists delirious rest after half an hour, slowly returned to normal. From the beginning of the whole incident two people jumped into the lifeboat arrived at the scene, took only two minutes. But the lifeguard said, "10 seconds later, the unconscious drowning man will not be able to save it." From the beginning of this year, the South Lake Park launched a joint mechanism of water rescue, so that the number of water accidents decreased significantly. The park area center responsible person to remind visitors of South Lake Park water territory, an area of 97 hectares, the depth of 10 meters, and complex waters, underwater depths. Visitors must not stand in the boat, slapstick, wild bath and drink by boat, not the whole boat off lifejackets, are not allowed to drink.相关的主题文章: