360 telecommunications fraud situation analysis report released over 40% of financial fraud plustek

360 release analysis of telecommunications fraud situation report financial fraud over 40% – Beijing, Beijing, September 7,   the summer of 2016, the continued high incidence of telecommunications fraud, a huge threat to the public property and personal safety. September 7th, China’s largest Internet security company 360 released in Beijing, the China Telecom fraud situation analysis report 2016. This is China’s first telecommunications fraud analysis report based on large data research. Report from the overall situation, telephone fraud, telephone fraud, telephone fraud type source type and belonging, telephone fraud source region analysis, target analysis, regional telecom fraud telephone fraud attack time characteristics, telecommunications fraud identification power of regional ranking, a typical case of telecommunications fraud dismantling point of view, will present the rampant telecommunications fraud to do a full range interpretation. At the press conference, the 360 chief anti fraud expert Dr. Pei Zhiyong said: "the 360 Center for Internet Security Based on the security guards in August 2016 360 mobile phone data, combined with their own leading technology in the field of security and rich experience of telephone fraud is studied deeply, deeply understand the method of telephone fraud, and the formation of the the final report." Dr. Pei said: "360 always to guard the security responsibility. In the face of increasingly rampant telecommunications fraud, 360 hope that through this report to help the public to enhance the awareness and ability to protect telecommunications fraud. 360 will also continue to play their own advantages in the field of security, with all parties to solve the problem of telecommunications fraud." Only in August 2016, 360 mobile guards for the user to intercept all kinds of harassing phone calls for the country, an average of about 111 million times a day to intercept harassing phone calls. Among them, a total of 445 million times to intercept telephone fraud, accounting for the total number of harassing phone calls to intercept the month of 13%, an average of about a day to intercept telephone fraud. Taking into account the economic losses and other serious consequences may be brought to the user’s phone fraud, telephone fraud has apparently become the most serious type of harassing phone calls. Figure 1 basic types of harassing phone calls, Xu Yuyu case, the case of Song Zhenning, Tsinghua University teacher cheated 17 million 600 thousand cases"…… Today, the telecommunications fraud victims have been covered by ordinary college students, working class, senior intellectuals and other social groups. At the same time, criminals also have a set of "mature methodology", the formation of a telecommunications fraud, grab personal information from the sale of the implementation of fraud black chain, including a number of clear division of link, ten "type" chain, will be the victim of a step by step into the trap. In this regard, the 2016 China Telecom fraud situation analysis report made a strong interpretation of the targeted. Financial fraud and identity impersonation accounted for nearly 70% according to statistics in August 2016 360 Mobile Phone Guardian users Tucao information analysis shows that in all the user received a telephone fraud, false financial fraud, accounting for 43.2%, such fraud is particularly prevalent in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen city; second is posing as the identity fraud accounted for 25.2%. Two types of fraud add.相关的主题文章: