4 strokes break meal toilet door commit evil feng shui office ppbox

4 strokes break "meal toilet door" make the brake on the restaurant to feng shui office?? the toilet door is one of the common situation in modern space, on the pattern of arrangement if cannot avoid, also can use decoration tips, try to resolve the evil red. Restaurant on the toilet door 4 crack tips to the door to the toilet is one of the most common situation in modern space, in the pattern of the arrangement if you can not avoid, but also the use of decoration tips, as far as possible to resolve the brake. The restaurant to the toilet door or table to the toilet door, has a bad effect on the health of the diners, like restaurant located beneath the toilet, will make it into the human body make people shibuzhiwei arebad. The restaurant is also the wealth of the index, we should pay more attention to this area tidy and clean. ?? 1: break the toilet door to door planning (hidden)?? will the toilet doors and walls of planning as a whole, as a hidden trapdoor processing, make a meal without feeling is the toilet position. The restaurant on the toilet door to the 4 crack tips?? break 2: the use of doors separating does not affect the sense of space in the area of?? enough space, the proposals in between double door planning, the meal will shut the door, sliding door design maneuvers, does not affect the performance of the sense of space. The design of movable screens or storage cabinets?? break 3: Design movable screens or cabinets?? if the distance between the restaurant and the toilet is enough, can be used as a movable screen or storage cabinet in between the two, if you use a screen, when dining can be lattice screen up, does not affect the dining atmosphere the other time, will screen off, convenient activities. Fresh fruit and flowers placed on the table? 4: fresh fruit and flowers placed on the table, to enhance appetite and achieve the effect of beauty, but also to achieve the purpose of peace, a positive impact on health. Put fruit paintings, photos or posters, can also achieve the same effect.相关的主题文章: