5 years old Shao Ting salute each other 4 crown! They change Beijing basketball (video)-actv

5 years old Shao Ting salute each other 4 crown! They change the Beijing basketball Marbury and Shao Ting in the masters compete [star] Marbury masters collection two record three points for Wu Yifan pass Tencent September 11th news sports super Penguin fame basketball game last night broke out in Shanghai, the blue team final 84-83 victory over the red team, in the game, Marbury and Shao Ting of the two Beijing the men and women were also completed on the core of attack and defense, and it is this two person, changed Beijing basketball. After the game, Marbury in micro-blog drying out a photo, photo, horse and the Beijing women’s basketball team core Shao Ting on defense, Marbury wrote: Beijing Association @ Ting Shao # love is love. Marbury and Shao Ting in the micro-blog salute each other in the drying out of the picture to see Marbury, Shao Ting also responded at micro-blog, she wrote: "to be able to play with you, and in the same city, it is a great honor, best of luck for our upcoming new season, love is love." Love is Love (love) is Marbury’s pet phrase, this sentence is more like a Thanksgiving, Marbury came to Beijing, staged a legend in Beijing, the new Yorker 2011-12 season, he led the Beijing team upset victory over the Guangdong team, winning team history first crown. 2013, Marbury with excellent performance to become the first foreign aid CBA regular season MVP. In 2014, Marbury once again rely on brave performance led the team to win, won the highest honor symbol of CBA League "supreme Baoding", in the locker room, Marbury has been crying. In 2015, the Beijing team successfully defended Marbury at this time has been 38 years old, four years led the three championship. Marbury is the team injected not only is the champion of the blood, there is a spirit, he trained hard, strict with oneself on the pitch, stay focused, tenacious, this spirit also affected the players around him, as Min Lulei said, Marbury is a coach, he brings to the team’s appeal to penetrate into every corner the Beijing men’s basketball team, the formation of the championship atmosphere is much more than the championship itself. And Marbury is opposite, Beijing also has a women’s basketball legend Shao Ting, the former "female Curve Wrecker" in 2013 to join the Beijing women’s basketball team, and quickly became the core of the team, Shao Ting is a low-key solid player, even though the Beijing women’s basketball team along the way encounter many difficulties, but Shao Ting still show the tenacious will, as a new generation of leaders, she told the team, should pay attention to the team by five individual efforts, Shao Ting has been using their own efforts to teammates infection, and to encourage everyone to work together. Pay will receive in return, 2014 and 15 finals in 2016, frustrated, Shao Ting finally led the championship, during the finals, she averaged 18.5 points and 3.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists, won the WCBA MVP finals, Shao Ting also became the first time to get the WCBA championship, and CUBA Championship Super Championship players, why wherever she can win the championship? The answer is self-evident, because Shao Ting is a very powerful leader in her own way, wherever she goes相关的主题文章: