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50 thousand aunt hop square dance set a new Guinness world record – Beijing Beijing in November 7 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Shen Diancheng) facing the sky fluttering snowflakes, Shenyang nearly four thousand aunt at Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity stadium, square dancing merrily. According to reports, the morning of November 7th 10:00, Shenyang as the venue of the 14 different venues on the domestic city, 50085 square dance aunt, uncle who dance together, in the "Spanish bullfight dance" and "the cup of life" in music, with the challenges of the largest dance (multi field) Guinness world record success record new world record. It is reported that this large-scale public welfare activities gathered the country’s best square dance enthusiasts. Insiders said that the challenge is so far the largest square dance activities launched nationwide. Shenyang branch square dance square dance aunt for 3921 people. Shen Diancheng photo Shenyang venue aunt facing the sky fluttering snowflakes jump square dance Shen Diancheng photo red dance alliance organizers responsible person said, organized the event aims to further popularize the concept of healthy living and fitness, and strive to create fitness atmosphere, enhance the awareness of fitness and healthy lifestyle, science, civilization, culture. He said, in November 7, 2015, in Hebei Xianghe red dance alliance has successfully held the best in all the land city plaza to challenge the "largest line dance" Guinness world record of large-scale public events, creating a world record to 18431 people. This year the event is the 14 national city tens of thousands of people in different places and at the same time, with a dance, it is a classic case of China square dance history, but also the square dance enthusiasts "Carnival event". Industry experts said that China is accelerating into the aging society, the elderly population has reached 250 million, the elderly (retirees) physical and psychological health, pension and other problems have become increasingly prominent, and because of the time, energy, resources and other issues, social care for the elderly is not enough. How to make the elderly enjoy a healthy, happy, happy life, become a hot topic of society. Square dance in the elderly as the most popular entertainment project, not only occupy the China small square, and even moved to Paris, France Red Square in Moscow and other parts of the world. Square dance in a new form for the elderly to provide a social, health, growth and exchange platform. (end)相关的主题文章: