500 black Steamed Buns Dalian a dirty rental day-plants war

500 "black Steamed Buns" reporter An Wenyuan Qin Sihai correspondent in Washington "love my home" special action in Dalian a messy rental day, Xigang District Public Security Bureau to effectively safeguard the vital interests of the masses, the further purification of Xigang District food and drug safety, every Duandiao a long special selling Steamed Buns the black dens, seized substandard Steamed Buns more than 500, two suspected illegal suspects were controlled. In November 18th, the Xigang branch of Lok Street police station police "found love my home" special rectification publicity in the area: located in Zhaolin street Xigang District No. 49 a street door room there are people suspected of illegal production of qualified Steamed Buns. In the afternoon, the police rushed into the dark room. I saw the real internal chaos, smell smell, stir machine rumbling beside it, and just a large tub and a few hundred in plastic bags with the Steamed Buns being thrown on the ground, two poorly dressed men and women are living in, the police on the spot will be two people on the spot and seized a large amount of control. The Steamed Buns. The investigation, Yemou and Wang Department to even from Jilin couple. Two years ago rented the first room, in the absence of formal business formalities, bought a flour stirring machine, specializing in the manufacture of "black Steamed Buns" business, the average daily production of more than 500 health unqualified Steamed Buns, in addition to swing while in their store sell, most are sold near the market the hotel site, and other places, a total profit of 2 yuan. At present, two people on their own and selling substandard Steamed Buns confessed to the crime, the case is under further work.相关的主题文章: