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60% consumers interested in the whole house custom home in recent years, custom home to an annual growth rate of more than 30% of the market performance of the traditional furniture manufacturing industry has broken the pattern, and swept the entire home market. After the market test, the degree of consumer acceptance of custom furniture? What are the new requirements for customized products? What are the pain points in the custom field? Recently, the Beijing Morning Post custom furniture consumer satisfaction survey will be opened one by one these questions. ?? Custom business growth?? on the decoration industry, people often say "three of seven separate distribution", but in recent years, consumers of housing design, more and more attention to collocation. The survey results show that, for customized products, 62.9% of consumers tend to the whole house Home Furnishing customization, not limited to the whole house furniture customization, including sofa, bed and other soft outfit customization; 25.3% of consumers choose full house custom furniture, 11.8% of consumers choose single product customization. A single product customization, consumers think it is necessary to be customized to the former five types of shoe wardrobe, cabinets, bookcases, lockers. Which accounted for 32.5% of the cabinet topped the list, wardrobe accounted for more than 26.7%. So, how much benefit to the enterprise? Beijing morning news reporter interviewed a number of customized enterprises or the introduction of custom furniture business executives. Strong furniture chairman Zhang Fucai said that since 2012 the full implementation of the full strength of private custom furniture, custom business has maintained a 10% to 15% year growth rate. Luxuries delivery of the relevant responsible person said, LuxeHome on delivery, business is basically the whole house custom, business accounted for 100%. Deputy general manager of Optima Beijing company Yao Gang said, the whole house custom ductility is relatively strong, Optima opened a number of high-end full house custom shop in Beijing this year, passenger traffic increased significantly, as in the first half of this year, the whole house custom business accounted for 48%-50%. As people’s health and directly related to the home products, environmental protection has been well received, and as a primary consideration, the custom of furniture is also the case. From the survey results, in the choice of custom furniture, material to 54% of the proportion of the first to become concerned about the price factor has weakened, with its 9.6% row in the fifth place. However, the increase in consumer concern for the sale of services, and its 24.5%, living in the second. Brand awareness in 11.1% place in the third. Style to 10.3% of the proportion of living in the top fourth. And in the use of custom furniture, formaldehyde content of attention in the first place, more than 70% of consumers are very concerned about this. There are 12.3% of consumers concerned about the ability to resist deformation, there are 8.7% of consumers are concerned about the moisture resistance of custom furniture. On the current custom furniture market, the commonly used materials for the particle board, solid wood, MDF, plywood. From the survey results, 51% of consumers will be favored in the selection of solid wood particle board, 30.6% of consumers choose solid wood plate, the consumer’s choice of multilayer plywood, as well as 7.8% of consumers choose the density board. ?? For the advantages and disadvantages of these materials, the Beijing morning news reporter interviewed 100, strength, Luxuries delivery service, Optima.相关的主题文章: