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The 73 year old grandmother goddess " "   maxed circle of friends; a cheongsam motorcycle ran people.com.cn Tibet – media – original title: 73 year old grandmother goddess of beauty shines maxed circle of friends grandma Biker handsome as 73 years old can still wear the cheongsam, Chuang Tibet, micro film shoot, just for her age a digital. Recently, Huang Yanzhen, Xiamen, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States brush brush burst circle of friends, friends called her grandmother goddess. Many young people to reflect on: the old lady are so elegant and beautiful, what can I do? In December 2015, China’s Second World Cup Finals held in in the World Cup finals in Xiamen. Huang Yanzhen is the oldest in the competition, but did not lose the young people, she stood out in the competition, and was invited to participate in the awards ceremony in Beijing. Who knows, the dazzling Huang Yanzhen T stage, because of a hip injury has not yet recovered with 5 pieces of ointment, T on each step, she is very careful. The dream is not a young man’s patent, when the dream is not late. After rehabilitation, Huang Yanzhen began to pursue a 30 year old Tibet dream. In June this year, Huang Yanzhen camel riding, walking through the desert in Tibet, seen in the dream of Qinghai Lake. She overcame the difficulty of oxygen, walking on foot, arrived in Potala Palace. Her story attracted the attention of photographer Onokazu, and took a special photo of her. Photos on the Internet after the fire, Huang Yanzhen received numerous phone calls and WeChat information, CCTV reporter also issued an invitation to interview. Huang Yanzhen believes that everyone’s attention is that the traditional way of life of the elderly has been deeply rooted in China, the life of the elderly should be more exciting, the mentality should be more young. Wu Xueying (according to the "Haixi morning news") (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: