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The 8 year old had 3 sons: two son to court was shut – in October 9th, on the double ninth festival. The 84 year old Chongzhou resident Li Suzhen (a pseudonym) eating lunch about two son side. In July this year, she come from three to two Home Furnishing son son, knocked on the door but no one answered, even after being rejected into the room to see my son. In desperation, Li Suzhen filed a lawsuit to the court, the three sons together on the court. After the Chongzhou court hearing, Li Suzhen eldest son and three sons in turn to live in the future, if the cost of hospitalization due to illness, etc., by the proportion of the proportion of the three brothers. Li Suzhen has three sons under his knee. Since his wife died early, she was sickly, and not living in the house, had to take turns to live among children. As early as September 1, 2007, the three brothers on the mother’s support issues, signed a relevant agreement. The agreement, Li Suzhen in the second and third home turns to live, live throughout the three months. At the same time, she had to pay the living expenses of the children living together, as much as the amount of the decision by the elderly. After the signing of the agreement, as long as 9 years, the elderly are taking turns in the lives of all, but this year the second suddenly refused to agree. In July this year, Li Suzhen to two sons live, can let her how to beat the door of the two son, are no answer. In July this year, Li Suzhen Yizhisuzhuangjiang sons to court to pay the corresponding cost of maintenance sons. The court heard the case. The court, in addition to the two son, the remaining two children were willing to support old mother. October 9th, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the Chongzhou court, the trial found that Li Suzhen did not own housing, and two sons did not allow the mother to live. In this regard, the court held that the children of no ability to work or life difficult for parents to have a statutory maintenance obligations, shall perform the economic support for the elderly, life care and spiritual solace obligations in court on two son’s behavior was criticized. Li Suzhen proposed three sons to pay 1500 yuan per month alimony, the court found the retirement income for 2268.95 yuan, much higher than the local minimum living standard, enough of their lives daily expenses, and shall not be supported. At the same time, Li Suzhen proposed to two son Home Furnishing live, the court considers physical and mental problems in the elderly, then the determination of the oldest and the youngest in turn connected to the living, living every three months. But in the future, Li Suzhen’s in hospital charges (excluding medical insurance reimbursement) and nursing costs, by the old boss, each bear 30%, second is to bear 40%. Chong law declared the West China Metropolis Daily reporter Yang Li相关的主题文章: