Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing police destroyed 12 posing as the generation of Taobao operating network 残清1864

Beijing, China – VIDEO – Chongqing police destroyed 12 posing as Taobao generation network fraud gang involved in the interpretation of [12 million] Taobao shop bad business how to do? Looking for a generation of sales can be doubled sales company? Don’t believe such a good thing". In October 24th, a reporter from the Chongqing District of Banan city police learned that, according to the unified deployment of Ministry of public security, Chongqing police successfully destroyed the implementation of fraud to "join Taobao, on behalf of the operators on the grounds of criminal gangs, arresting 182 suspects, involving more than 1200 yuan. [interpretation] Ms. Lee operates a shop in Chongqing, after the shop she found that business is not so good. When people are sad, some people talk to her through the chat software, said he was specifically for the new store to improve the amount of browsing and credibility. The same period [] (the Lee) after the shop did not open up what popularity and sales, I was very anxious, I went to the Internet to search related things, just someone to contact me, tell me can help me improve shop sales. [commentary] Lee looked after some heart, so decided to try. Sure enough, there is a significant increase in the amount of browsing the store, then, the other side and contact Ms. Lee, told her to want to improve sales easy to make money, they can become agents of the company". Lee immediately transferred to each other. Who knows, money to turn away, no longer contact each other. The same period [] (the Lee) after my popularity up, he sent a message to tell me that I can help to do the promotion, can you help me sell what, I think the service is pretty close, then I told him to pay tens of thousands of dollars, sold in our shop after delivery the money will no longer increase, but also reduce the things, there is no one to sell, I will contact him not contact the. [interpretation] have received the victim’s alarm, Chongqing police on suspicion of a large number of operations on behalf of Taobao network fraud clues combing investigation. Through the investigation, found to be involved in Chongqing city of this type of fraud Gang a total of 12, the arrest time is ripe, the police in the Ministry of public security under the unified deployment to carry out centralized arrest, on 14 fraud dens master synchronization of arrest, the 12 day fraud gang of 182 main suspects were all arrested. [comment] in the police searched the fraud gang when also seized a large number of internal fraud Gang "tricks" word: "business reply art, art, and curse words, words of balance operation." a dialog template, for different groups using different words of deception. The same period [] (Chongqing city Banan District Public Security Bureau police) issued the dialogue for each member of a fraud template, adopt different words for different victims, according to their jargon words fraud to defraud the victim, step by step into their fraud trap. [interpretation] once the victim stepped into the trap, they will use the flow of treasure, traffic tools such as brush brush false flow of fraud, in fact, no value, no access. Once the victim cheated, fraud gang will take a single brush, buy from sell provide poor quality goods, high prices相关的主题文章: