Forecast Lotto 16115th period mean value interval of 14-20- Sohu hit5杨帆

Forecast Lotto 16115th period: on a mean interval 14-20- Sohu lottery prize number out of 1617203233 + 0307, and the value of open area in front of 118, the company opened two, issued after all odd combination. Comprehensive analysis of 2016115 big lottery recommended: AC Value Forecast: AC value fell to 4 points, a range of recent values were smaller, the number 46 is the most common, this period value of large numbers values were 6 positive rebound. 012 Road: the 16114 phase of the ratio of 1:1:3 out of the road,, 2 road number positive appearance, the next phase of the top 1 can be considered to focus on the value of the temperature of the road. The complex vibration analysis: in the period before the area according to the number of lottery than every complex 1:1:3 distribution, the recent re code is not positive, a new issue to prevent the lack of complex code. Mean value: the three most recent mean out of 23-20-24, mean amplitude fluctuation is smaller, the proposed phase 2016115 focus on the average 14-20 point interval. Interval ratio: in front of a period out of the 0:3:2 ratio, the number from the recent trend of the situation, the next 16115 phase of a falling number should be in 1-2.相关的主题文章: