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Chinese 10 years to recruit young teachers in 60 rural teachers into teachers wante shake generation data figure "80" is for students in class. Chen Chao photo Kunming, September, 7 (reporter Zhang Dan) this year is the rural compulsory education stage school teachers ad hoc post plan (referred to as special post program) to implement the 10 anniversary. Our teacher education department official Huang Guizhen said in Kunming on 7, has 600 thousand teachers to more than 1 thousand Chinese western counties, to inject fresh blood and vigor for 30 thousand rural schools. The same day, sowing hope and future – rural special post teacher tour report held in Yunnan Normal University. 5 teachers in Jiangxi, representatives from Hebei, Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Gansu, from their jobs and living in the country to share their perspective, from the touching story of education, and their dedication to education, thirst for knowledge and care for students. For a long time, the China short board of education in the western regions, rural areas, remote island area. In order to encourage young people to join the cause of education in rural and remote areas, in 2006, the Ministry of education, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of human resources and the central office launched the "special post plan", the open recruitment of college graduates to teach in the western region "the basic implementation of nine year compulsory education and basically eliminate the young blind" below the county rural schools. Since then, every year, tens of thousands of college graduates in China bid farewell to the university campus, into the remote rural primary and secondary schools. "This initiative has created a complementary mechanism for rural school teachers." Huang Guizhen said that many rural schools through the "special post plan" for the first time the introduction of college students, teacher’s arrival, changed the rural schools face, improve the teaching quality of the overall quality of rural teachers and rural schools, rural teachers become a generation of "shake up". In June 8, 2015, the State Council issued the "rural teacher support program". "This is the first since the founding of the State Council promulgated and implemented to strengthen the building of the contingent of teachers." Huang Guizhen said, "plan" put forward to further expand the "special post plan" scale, key support for the central and western underdeveloped areas of poverty Island rural teachers, and improve the special post wage subsidy standards of teachers, enhance teacher’s appeal, in order to attract more outstanding graduates to rural schools. This year the country will recruit more than 70 thousand teachers. 2016 Liaoning special hillock teacher is how to return a responsibility? How to prepare for it?相关的主题文章: