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Beijing   1 in China II cars are not allowed into the rings (three people ask) – Society – core reading from February 15, 2017 onwards, light-duty gasoline vehicle emission standard in Beijing I will limit the city and other towns during the working day to enter the Fifth Ring Road, which will effectively reduce vehicle nitrogen oxides, volatile organic emissions, is one of Beijing’s air pollution control measures. In addition, Beijing has also introduced a subsidy policy to encourage owners to update the elimination of high pollution emissions of old cars. In November 21st, a reporter from the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference was informed that: from February 15, 2017 onwards, Beijing city on the city and other towns of the country’s emission standard of light-duty gasoline vehicles, the implementation of the five ring (not included) within the road work on the limit line. For violation of the provisions of the motor vehicle into the restricted area of road traffic, public security traffic management departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, to give a fine of 100 yuan, a penalty every 4 hours. At the same time, in order to encourage the owners to update the elimination of high pollution emissions of old cars, the government introduced a series of policies to encourage the elimination of subsidies. Among them, can be eliminated before the end of June 2017 than in July 2017 to the end of December eliminated more government subsidies 2000 yuan. Specifically, before the end of June 2017 out of country I emission standard mini bus will receive 10000 yuan subsidy, eliminated in China II emission standard mini bus will receive 12000 yuan subsidy. Although I in China II vehicles in the total proportion of motor vehicles in Beijing is not large, but from the absolute quantity, there are still 400 thousand families will be affected by the policy, therefore, the reporter interviewed the relevant policies of the Department responsible for the sequence of events. Q   Beijing air pollution, motor vehicles have much impact PM2.5 local pollution, motor vehicle emissions accounted for 31.1% from the elimination of yellow cars, to the heavy air pollution warning red implementation of the single and double limit line, to the country of China II light-duty gasoline vehicles working day shall enter the five ring road of Beijing City, Beijing City, the management of a motor vehicle it is more and more strict. The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director, spokesman Fang, the vehicle population in Beijing has reached 5 million 700 thousand units, the annual total emissions of about 500 thousand tons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds emissions, respectively, the city accounted for the total emissions of pollutants by 86%, 56%, 38%. In the contribution of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) to local pollution, the contribution rate of vehicle emission in Beijing is 31.1%, which is more than 40% of vehicle emissions in non heating season. It can be said that vehicle emissions pollution is the largest source of local PM2.5 in Beijing. For example, in October 14th this year to 16, the occurrence of heavy air pollution process, nitrate PM2.5 accounted for up to about 35%, accounting for PM2.5 to become the largest group, reflecting the vehicle emission effects in the heavy pollution, the air pollution control in Beijing must highlight the motor vehicle pollution reduction. On the other hand, although Beijing attaches importance to motor vehicle exhaust control, but not only to take motor vehicles相关的主题文章: