The fifth session of the Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship competition start innovation leads matlab 等高线�

The fifth session of the Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship competition start innovation leads "Chi era" – Beijing, Beijing, September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) the fifth finals Chinese innovation competition in advanced manufacturing industry is. Organizing committee official told reporters on the 30, a total of 262 start-ups and entrepreneurial team competition, entrepreneurship projects show a wide range of coverage, high technology content, the development of large space and other characteristics. Analysis pointed out that China’s manufacturing industry is currently facing many difficulties, focusing on the development of traditional manufacturing industry is shorter than the developed countries, the accumulation of experience is still insufficient, the development of more extensive forms. Due to the backward processing technology, domestic technology has long been dependent on foreign imports. China science and technology minister Wan Gang at the opening ceremony finals stressed that government departments should further gather resources for innovation and entrepreneurship; leading enterprises, colleges and enterprises through the industry chain link form "hand in hand" mechanism; financial institutions, venture capital should give full play to the rapid advance of power; entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship incubator institutions should continue to broaden the content of service, and promote the rapid growth of enterprises. Organizing this event is "an antidote against the disease". The organizing committee data show, contestants from Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu three companies and teams accounted for the most, Henan, Shenzhen, Zhejiang and other places followed; the finals include robots, drones, wearable popular areas of equipment, has dabbled in metal 3D printing, robots, drones, wearable devices and other items, the project of heavy industry, Bio Medical, business people and services and other areas of life also broke out. In addition, a series of activities held during the finals, such as innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship Chinese roadshow financing market and technology for advanced manufacturing industry, China docking forum, public forum, business space, international innovation resources matchmaking, Henan Chinese business mentor, providing various services for outstanding innovation enterprise and team. Innovation and entrepreneurship competition is not just a selection process and an event, but to carry forward the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship culture, but also a process of service innovation and entrepreneurship." Sheng Yanlin, deputy director of the Ministry of science and technology, said the torch, relying only on the contest to select outstanding projects is still not enough, the follow-up support for start-ups can not be ignored. Called on the industry, give more competition ability of outside competition, such as business support, investment and financing, construction team guidance and so on, through the event to connect the government, start-ups and financing institutions for China manufacturing and transformation to provide a new direction to upgrade. (end)相关的主题文章: