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Beijing city center hospital beds will increase nursing relocation operation – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Dai Xuan) October 26th, reporters from the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission was informed that in 2020, Beijing residents average life expectancy will be over 82.4 years old. The Beijing Municipal Planning Commission announced the "13th Five-Year" period of health development planning ", put forward the" 13th Five-Year "period Beijing will start the health planning work in key areas. Which proposed that by 2020, the core area of Beijing city to achieve ease of three medical institutions in more than 2000 beds. The city center hospital will be "living" it is understood that the Beijing city spatial distribution of health resources is not reasonable problem. According to the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission to provide the data, as of the end of 2015, the city core area, expand the area of Beijing accounted for 10.1% of the resident population, 49%, but the city’s 90 grade three hospitals (including Beijing army hospital and Armed Police Hospital) distribution in the core area of city development area accounted for 25.8%, accounting for 44.9%, two regions accounted for the city’s three hospitals resources 70.7%. The spatial distribution is not reasonable, which is not conducive to the realization of the fairness and accessibility of health services, and the social problems such as population density, traffic congestion, environmental pressure and so on. According to the "planning", "13th Five-Year" period, through the overall relocation, construction, so as to guide the city center of medical and health institutions to move to the suburbs, Metro and the lack of medical resources of the large residential area, and the compression site medical scale. Specifically, will be built in Tiantan hospital, Chaoyang Hospital, Tongren Hospital, new school district, to promote the construction of Friendship Hospital, Chinese medicine hospital, Stomatological Hospital of new hospital, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, launched the Beijing CDC, Beijing health Career Academy site selection work. At the same time, Beijing will strictly control the expansion of the scale of public hospital, municipal public hospitals above the maximum single bed size not more than 1500, the reasonable control of public hospital beds scale, and the district office established general hospital bed size maximum not more than 900. At the same time, it will guide the development of social medical institutions to the weak areas of medical resources, and promote public health institutions to optimize the layout. Nursing beds, etc. will increase the price of the plan referred to the reform of public hospitals operating mechanism. Comprehensively promote the separation of medicine, price adjustment, financial compensation, medical insurance payment approach to the integration of comprehensive reform. In accordance with the principle of territorial public hospitals to open a comprehensive separation. To further rationalize the relationship between medical service price, increase appropriate care, surgery, beds, treatment and medicine prices of services, stable reducing medicines, high-value medical consumables, large medical equipment inspection, treatment costs accounted for in the proportion of medical expenses. Life expectancy in 2020 over 82.4 years of life expectancy in in 2010, the average life expectancy of residents in Beijing is registered to last year, this figure increased to the age of 81.95. According to the plan, by 2020, the average life expectancy of Beijing residents will be over 82.4 years old. City Planning Commission Director wei.相关的主题文章: