Arts champion because of household registration problem was tuidang teacher candidates is not a Sohu 乃々果花

Arts champion because of household registration problem was tuidang: teacher candidates is not a Sohu news in mid August this year, in Pingchang County received admission office, Pingchang this year, the first liberal arts college entrance examination — a 18 year old Quxian County examinee Jia Yongyu, because of the household registration, admission voluntary cancellation, sometimes in no university readable embarrassment, caused widespread concern in the community. Chengdu Polytechnic University admission in September 23rd, Pingchang county government information office news release, August 11, 2016, Pingchang County admissions office on the three specific free college admission candidates qualification review self-examination, found by national special program was admitted to Zhongshan University’s Jia Yongyu candidates, although the Pingchang high school for three consecutive years, but the household Registration Department of Sichuan Quxian County, not in line with the national special plan for conditions. County admissions office immediately notify the candidates themselves, and in accordance with the relevant provisions and procedures for the cancellation of the candidates admitted to Zhongshan University, the situation is true. In response to this, Pingchang attaches great importance to. County admissions office in August 14th made a special report to the higher authorities, and actively seek to solve the candidates to attend university matters. At the same time, the identity of the candidates to review the information is not strictly controlled units and related responsible personnel to investigate. In September 20th, the candidates have been Chengdu University of Technology accounting profession (the Department of a professional) admission, and has officially notified the school enrollment. At present, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection by the Public Security Bureau, county Zhaoban, fully cooperate with the investigation of the responsible personnel, and will be treated according to discipline in accordance with regulations. The review found that the issue of Pingchang County Education Bureau, a responsible person told the WCC interview, before the college entrance examination this year, the County opened a special recruitment meeting, a clear division of labor, the county a total of 6110 candidates, there are 100 audited person household registration is not qualified, but not including Jia Yongyu. In March 11th, the county admissions audit results net publicity 10 days, March 24th to the end of publicity. After the investigations showed that two checkpoints have failed to discover why Jia Yongyu didn’t qualify, the County Public Security Bureau in the household classification, the Quxian County native Jia Yongyu wrongly classified to Pingchang County by side, resulting in no found that she was not in line with the declaration of national special enrollment qualifications, until August 11th to review the scope of the contract, Jia Yongyu was found. Jia Yongyu told the media that the special plan, the students are listening to the teacher’s guidance and arrangements. Because of intense, and students have studied these complicated admissions policies, when completing the college admissions special, he also told his teacher’s residence in Quxian County, ask the teacher said no problem; but then completing the national special enrollment, the teacher took with completing the qualification of a County Public Security Bureau. The household registration table list, which also has the name of Jia Yongyu, the teacher gave the class more than and 50 students are reported to the national special. Jia Yongyu teacher Ms. Wang said in an interview, he is only responsible for the enrollment policy to explain and convey the above, how to speak, how they communicate, all the students to fill in the information they are complete, "how is their own things". Parents do not want to disturb the results after the review, August 12th)相关的主题文章: