3 Turkey soldiers to apply for political asylum in Greece refused caxa实体设计

3 Turkey soldiers to apply for political asylum in Greece rejected the original title: Greece refused 3 Turkey military asylum in Beijing. In September 22 – comprehensive news: local time 21, the Greek government refused political asylum in 3 Turkey military application. According to the Greek ANA news agency news, the Greek government asylum Department announced that the 3 Turkey soldiers in the next two weeks to appeal. According to Greek law, the appeal process for 9 months. According to reports, in July 15th this year, after the attempted military coup in Turkey, the 3 Turkey soldiers arrived in the northeastern city of Alexandru Boris helicopter, was arrested by Greek police. In August this year, the Turkey authorities have made a request for extradition to Greece for the 3, on the grounds that it was involved in the attempted coup, is a traitor". But the 3 Turkey military denied the allegations, saying the attempted coup that night, they had been driving helicopter police soil attack, life safety is threatened, they subsequently issued a distress signal to the helicopter allowed an emergency landing in greece. Lawyers for the 3 Turkey soldiers said they were prepared to appeal against any adverse verdict and could seek political asylum from other countries. According to the British "Guardian" reported earlier, Turkey’s foreign minister cavusoglu said in July 16th, 8 were involved in a military coup "insurgents" helicopter day fled to Greece to seek political asylum. The government has asked the Greek government to extradite the rebels". The Greek military confirmed that 8 people in Turkey without permission to enter the Greek airspace helicopter has applied for political asylum. But the Greek government has not confirmed whether the soldiers involved in the attempted coup in Turkey. (end) editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: