Crooks posing as social fraud calls to the Central Commission for discipline inspection officials 下北glory days

Crooks posing as the underworld fraud call Commission officials posing as the original title: Mafia fraud, telephone call to the Central Commission for discipline inspection officials "I am on the famous Ge, you are not XX? These two days be careful, do not want to break his arms broken leg, quickly take some money." This is posing as a triad of intimidation telecommunications fraud, the wording of the Ministry of public security as one of the new telecommunications network fraud. This type of telecommunications fraud originated in Beijing, a national poverty county – Hebei Manchu Autonomous County of Fengning province (hereinafter referred to as "Fengning"). The county was listed as one of the 7 key areas of the national telecommunications network of new crimes listed remediation. Ministry of Public Security Bulletin shows that posing as Mafia fraud suspects almost all from the county. Recently, the first financial 1 degrees reporter came to Fengning, visit the development of this type of telecommunications fraud, the formation, and combat governance. Fengning police information and data show that this type of crime is one of the lowest technical content of telecommunications fraud, the most simple and crude. They even call a threatening phone call to a Central Commission for Discipline Inspection officials. "The majority of telecommunications fraud underworld" fraud suspects posing as underworld origin from the west of Fengning county and the official Camp Camp two towns, involving 7 villages, Xi Guan Ying 5, will select the 2 battalion. These two towns have a total of more than 28 thousand people, suspected of telecommunications fraud have been arrested 368 people. That is to say, 1.3 out of every 100 people are engaged in this activity. Many local villagers told reporters at 1, before and after 2006, some have not at home who suddenly "homecoming". Back home, they soon built high style house, household electrical appliances repairing is also very complete. "They might be doing a good job out there." The villagers were suspected. Subsequently, these fast rich people on the car. The villagers also found that not only did these people get rich, but their close relatives also came out with money. After 2010, the villagers gradually know that these people are getting rich quickly by posing as the underworld to accumulate intimidation and fraud. Fengning Public Security Bureau police brigade instructor Wang Ruiming, led a long strike this kind of crime. He told reporters at 1 degrees, this crime is the lowest technical content, the liar is a psychological warfare. Although the duration of the long, but the pattern is almost no change. The main embodiment, cheater first through the online purchase of personal information, call the victim’s home address, tell the exact license plate number, family members and other information, inform the victim to offend people, the enemy has a fierce hatred, revenge of the victim of intimidation. Then, change the topic of conversation, whether the victim has been probing into the drama, whether to pay off may. If you see the victim tone tough, did not be scared, then immediately stop the threat of this man. See if the victim doubts, strengthen efforts to intimidate, crooks usually make up a more vicious nickname, at the same time, unloading unloading arm leg into the red white knife knife out such malicious words, language violence. If you find the victim in tone has arisen in fear, a liar will enter the theme, Tikai相关的主题文章: