WeChat group new scam specifically to buy a young mother to buy toys into the packaging can change 残清1864

WeChat group of new scams specifically to buy a young mother to buy toys unpacking packaging change – Northeast network October 14th hearing Tian Tian is a full-time mother, the child more than two years old. Talking about their parenting experience, she said, this year’s harvest is mainly from a WeChat group. In this parenting group, Ms. Tian for more than half a year, we will be transferred to each other, toys, clothing, children’s products. But recently, suddenly a new member, completely disrupted the calm before. September 24th afternoon, the reporter saw the storage box sizes in Ms. Tian, placed a lot of children’s clothing, toys, baby products. Tian said: we are in this group of mutual exchange of child care knowledge, the transfer of some of their children no longer applicable products. Now this group of many, old people also believe that children should wear families have good fortune, I think that the group is good. But recently I found that this group of people began to make trouble." The reporter understands, because all the young mother, among group members to build trust easily in the group buying and selling has become more simple, a private letter, a red envelope can fix. However, no one would have thought that some people will be idle articles. Ms. Tian told reporters: "a few days ago, a group of friends of a lot of pictures, we see things are good, but after it found that there is the problem of post. At that time, I spent 100 yuan to buy a toy, but I found the express delivery, which was actually a few bottles of canned food in." Tian is not only a lot of mothers through the group of friends to buy some idle items, and then spend tens of dollars, and more than a few hundred dollars. But a few days later, a mother also buy goods, also found that things are strange. The young mother told reporters: "when buying something, the sellers are said to shipping, but receives something, express and postage to pay." Found the problem, most group Friends of unopened express, but the first time to contact the seller, no one can think of, express the seller telephone list is empty. On the same day, the news of the mother cheated in a lot of parenting group was spread, the number of victims has increased dramatically. Ms. Tian carefully identified after the discovery, the original information in each group there are many similarities, such as photos of unused items are identical, the address of the sender is a Beijing area. Ms. Tian said: I can almost conclude that these people are a group of people, they not only broke the trust of the mothers of the group of friends, but also to the loss of their mothers are angry and helpless. After the purchase of second-hand goods, or to take the platform for trading, or the city to meet the transaction to prevent deception." (Liu Jianyouyang)相关的主题文章: