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– International – Beijing in November 27, the second session of the   Chinese SME innovation development conference held in Beijing; second China SME Innovation Development Conference November 26th held in beijing. From around the country on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises, famous experts and scholars were invited to the relevant government departments, representatives of the democratic parties and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises China association leaders together for the small and medium-sized enterprises have a joyous gathering, innovation and development of human resources, accelerate the voyage. The meeting was presided over by a member of the CPPCC National Committee, the 93 Committee of the Standing Committee of the Central Institute of Social Services Minister Xu Guoquan. The eighteen party put forward the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, the construction of the enterprise as the main body, the market as the guidance, the combination of industry and technology innovation system. In March 2015, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "opinions on deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy". In January this year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the outline of the national innovation driven development strategy. As everyone knows, the small and medium-sized enterprise is an important part of our national economy, the number of enterprises accounted for more than 99% of the total, with more than 50% of revenue, with more than GDP60%, the contribution of technological innovation, to attract the urban population employment in more than 80%. The meeting with the development of innovation driven integration and win-win future "as the theme, in-depth study and implement the innovation driven development strategy, in the public policy under the guidance of entrepreneurial innovation, innovation and development will further break barriers, stimulate enterprise development potential of small and medium-sized enterprises, to build a new development platform, promote the ability of innovation and development of small and medium sized enterprises. Vice chairman of the association, Chinese small business enterprise management innovation branch president Chen Jianhuang speech, reviewed the branch management innovation work of the past year, analyzes the gaps and deficiencies in future work to fulfill their duties in accordance with the guidelines of the party and the state, help to further enhance the awareness of innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the adjustment of the innovation strategy, optimization the financing environment, the establishment of innovation system, promote a culture of innovation, innovation platform, innovation and maintenance of small and medium-sized enterprises that reflect the interests of. Former director of the National Bureau of statistics, Minsheng Securities chief economist Qiu Xiaohua, former vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, the famous economist hekeng, counselor of the State Council, economist Tang Min made an analysis and Prospect on the macro economic situation from different angles. Yan Pengxun, vice president of Gansu Academy of Sciences as "institutional innovation is the basis of technological innovation, the market demand is the driving force of innovation of science and Technology Exposition"; Guangdong Marketing Association and gphl marketing consultant Yang Hong reported on the "experience marketing innovation and practice of" health industry; Nanjing wannuo financial information Services Limited medicine purchase loan director Su Guorong introduced "to Internet plus service in the healthcare industry" approach; brain education group brain cube business school dean Yang Xinming around the "public record of" speaking. Participants felt that the conference listened to the innovation and development of SMEs and the fight song, see innovation and development the only way which must be passed under the new situation, sounded the innovation and development of SMEs in the march of the horn, it will have far-reaching historical influence. At the meeting, China Association of small and medium business enterprise management innovation branch and China相关的主题文章: