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The French man suspected of stabbing British woman in Australia: when the attack shouting religious slogans – Beijing Australia police said 24 days, a French man suspected of 23 night in northern Australia a backpacker Inn stabbing of a British woman, stabbed two people. When the shouting religious slogans attack suspects. According to the murder investigation raid occurred in the remote Holm Town, Queensland, in the town of Hill. The 29 year old French man was arrested at the scene of the attack. A 30 year old British man in critical condition, a local man was injured, but not life-threatening. Queensland police Deputy Commissioner Steve? Gore Shug J Ki said that preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect said "could be interpreted as an extremist nature", about 30 witnesses say the suspect in the attack and was arrested by the police when they are shouting religious slogans, but the police do not rule out any possible motives. At the same news conference, federal police commander Sharon said there was no sign that the French man was associated with an extremist group, the Islamic state". Gore Shug J Ki said that the police temporarily put the attack in accordance with the murder investigation, but also to consider whether the suspect has mental illness or drug poisoning. According to police, the French tourist visa, valid for one year, since March this year, the legal status of living in australia. Kao said that the man had no law enforcement at the end of the case. British media reports, the British woman was stabbed to death called MIA? – Zheng Ayliffe, only 21 years old, from the British Derby, working side edge travel in australia. The injured man named Tom? Jackson, in order to save Ayliffe – Zheng was the attackers under the watchful eyes of the people stabbed 15 knife, wounded in the face. "Daily Telegraph" said the bomber as 29 years old, Smale? Ayad, amateur boxer, and Zheng He Jackson are friends Ayliffe, probably because the obsession with Ayliffe – Zheng and inextricably bogged down in. Extremist threat to Australia since 2014, the local religious extremist attacks on high alert. The Australian government is becoming increasingly concerned for domestic extremism, especially concerned about the Australian citizens by extremist ideology to confuse. Law enforcement agencies in a number of cities to carry out a series of counter-terrorism operations, thwarted several attacks plot. Australian government also adopted a new national security act. Australian Prime Minister Toni? The abbot said last May, more than 100 Australians suspected to join the Islamic state or other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria. Australian attorney general Michael Keenan announced last month that the Australia? Two law enforcement and intelligence agencies to track the most important crime and Crime Bureau commission into the Australian Criminal Intelligence Committee, to respond to new threats in terms of national security. In September 2014, a 18 year old man stabbed two anti-terrorism officer in Melbourne a police station after the external knife was killed; in December of the same year, a robber broke into a cafe Sydney city and hijack hostages, after police raids, which killed two hostages were killed, wounded, the Australian government will event as a terrorist attack. Last April, the Australian anti-terrorism police相关的主题文章: