The first half deficit Xiali 519 million Wang Yawei is not a beef怎么读�

The first half of FAW Xiali loss of 519 million again before Wang Yawei a hot part of the flow of funds shares thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan source: surging news reporter Peng Pai Dai Gaocheng no accident, FAW Xiali (000927) the first half of this year is still huge loss. The evening of August 24th, the semi annual report released by the FAW Xiali, FAW Xiali during the first half of this year, operating income of 1 billion 3 million yuan, down 50.93%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit loss of 519 million yuan, 537 million yuan loss a year earlier. FAW Xiali continued losses in external expectations. In the face of continued losses, FAW Xiali in the semi annual report did not raise too many effective measures. Many industry analysts believe that in the absence of FAW Group, FAW Xiali to get more resources into the case, the main starting point at present should still keep the shell resources, for the FAW overall market to pave the way for. In terms of investors, private equity star Wang Yawei still holds more than 3800 shares of FAW Xiali, but its holdings over a quarter holdings of more than 32 million shares. FAW Xiali car sales unsatisfactory half reported that due to the decline in the economy car company products the market segments in consecutive years, affect the company’s product upgrading and structural adjustment is not complete and other factors, the company’s overall production scale is small, product profitability is weak, the capacity is not fully utilized. During the reporting period, the company produced a total of "charade", "Wei Chi" and "Chun" brand of 20785 cars, down 47.52%, sales of 19033 units, down 49.04%. Among them, the main vehicle FAW Xiali Chun sent D60 did not meet market expectations, the first 6 months of this year, Chun sent D60 cumulative sales of 7400 units, down 56.5%. An auto industry analysts believe that the product structure adjustment and upgrading the FAW Xiali company has not kept up with the pace of market, is the basic reason to suffer losses. Of course there are some other reasons, such as the major shareholder of the support is not enough, in 2014 as a new generation of RAV4 transferred to the Changchun production of FAW Xiali hit big. In addition, the nearly two years of FAW Group’s listing plan, let the FAW Xiali become a shell resource standard, is the FAW Xiali in recent years hopeless cause. In view of this situation, the first half of August 2016, FAW Xiali said the company will be put into operation in the new development of Chun sent A70 car, so as to further improve the company’s product structure, further improve quality level. But the analysts believe that the FAW Xiali betting in the vehicle, may eventually have more hope than disappointed, it considers that the models in the same models of competitive advantage is not obvious. In addition, the company is not much improvement, more conventional measures, such as "continue to focus on marketing model innovation, accelerate the upgrading of marketing system adjustment and ability; strengthening the project management system, promote the business of相关的主题文章: