Lenovo big adjustment Lenovo, Zuk into the motorcycle Microsoft Intel executives Airborne 特命战队go busters

Lenovo Lenovo, ZUK into a major adjustment: Microsoft Intel executives airborne Lenovo original title: Intel Microsoft Executives Association released new airborne operation signal in front of old cool and see the Lenovo adjustment, in addition to outside personnel, as well as the organization structure and product line, but also relates to the three major business group. At the front was informed that the association will conduct a series of major adjustments. Seems to have become a routine, Lenovo to the end of each year, the beginning of the year, in fact, almost every day in the adjustment. The release of Lenovo in front of heavy adjustment, not only relates to mobile phone and PC business, but spread to PC, mobile, enterprise of three business groups, including: first, lenovo mobile phone business head of Lenovo Group, the original human resources director Gina Qiao Jian, President of Lenovo MBG Chen Xudong to succeed China district. In addition, the lenovo mobile phone business for large-scale restructuring, Lenovo business lines or will be fully integrated Moto product line, ZUK should also. Well, look at the Moto Z2 Pro, is also very harmonious. Two, it is worth noting that the original Intel data center business leader Shi Haode (Kirk B· Skaugen) join lenovo! Lenovo data center business group president. Shi Haode has been responsible for the data center business at Intel, responsible for PC and mobile business, but in 2016 April departure, he was seen as one of Intel’s "Prince"; three, in addition, Lenovo also airborne Microsoft Asia Pacific Research Institute Rui Yong, as Lenovo CTO; four, Lenovo also appointed experts in intellectual property rights Laura is the chief legal officer; this adjustment involves a major adjustment of Lenovo, Lenovo to believe will greatly influence the future. In front of the analysis: first, lenovo mobile phone business personnel adjustment, is a more positive signal. Before Lenovo hatch subsidiary ZUK, the Internet experiment is very good, the new fiscal year on the occasion of the birth of ZUK regression, Z2 Pro and ZUK Z2 two models of competitive products, but also bring the Lenovo Internet marketing experience. It can be seen that in 2016 lenovo mobile phones, PC, enterprise class and other products across the board have undergone tremendous changes, whether it is the product side or the market, marketing, etc.. Before, in front of that Chen Xudong or PC return, this is justified, because after all, PC is the core business of the association, but also ushered in the PC industry is a new wave of innovation frenzy, Lenovo should certainly take effort to defend the PC. However, the current news shows that Chen Xudong will return to the group, responsible for the service business. Lenovo is an intelligent terminal manufacturers, services for it, with the continued surge in sales of intelligent terminals, 100 million devices, which means that service is essential, and Lenovo’s service has now become a profitable business. Good prospects. Gina is a senior associate with the refined and cultured, years of management experience, Lenovo in her arrival, or are in urgent need of repair and boost the innovation ability of the image of lenovo mobile phone business, bring a new atmosphere. Of course, the lenovo mobile phone, this topic is also a lot of words, choose the special details back. Product line merge topic,.相关的主题文章: