The 4.2l100km accord hybrid fuel consumption sharp market the fastest in September (video) 海思k3v2

Fuel consumption 4.2L 100km accord sharp mix we learned from relevant channels listed on the move the fastest in September, Guangzhou Honda accord (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) hybrid version of the model will be called "the sharp accord hybrid version, is expected to be listed in the 9-10 month. The new car was held in April this year, the 2016 Beijing Auto Show (micro-blog) on the first, the highlight is equipped with Honda SPORT HYBRID (Rui · hybrid) hybrid system (Honda i-MMD system), the official 4.2L 100km comprehensive fuel consumption. Accord hybrid version of the car was released at the 2016 Beijing auto show, its appearance has no obvious difference compared with the ordinary version of the accord. On both sides of the body and the rear of the car, the new car has also increased the HYBRID logo to indicate the identity of its hybrid models. 2017 Honda accord LX full depth interpretation of interior part, maintaining the same car design most ordinary version of the accord, but the biggest difference is that the new car uses a key type shifting mechanism of new, and a hybrid vehicle exclusive EV pure electric mode button. In addition, the new dashboard can also display the kinetic energy output, kinetic energy recovery system and battery power and other information. According to previous information, the new hybrid system consists of a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, the Atkinson cycle, "CVT" double motor gearbox, power control unit and a lithium battery, which can be achieved between the pure electric, hybrid and engine direct drive three modes seamless switching. Collocation of this hybrid system accord mixed fuel consumption performance official edition models for 4.2L 100km.相关的主题文章: