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Please note that! What children can not condone behavior?! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual the children can not pass, if the parents take a laissez faire attitude is spoiled, conniving, such as injuring another child parents casually. On the nature of the behavior of children, if parents take drastic intervention attitude is tough, like a child in the sensitive period for the perfect self clinging, or in the sensitive period for their dedication to the elevator, parents do not understand, that the child is willful and wanton interference. If you master the size, make a superior parents to children, you need to clear boundaries, the following acts can not be condoned: first, hurt their own behavior is mainly related to the personal safety of dangerous behavior. For example: climb windowsill, play power socket, thermos bottle, playing and playing on the road running, etc.. Two, influence the behavior of others before 1, ask for permission, take other people’s things, such as: even grab children go to people’s houses, the main house drawer was out of order; and children play together, the child hard to grab someone else’s toys. 2, vulgar violent behavior such as: spitting, swearing, insulting, curse, beatings, violence. 3, to infringe upon, to interfere in others’ behaviors such as: rainy day — can play treading water but the water; play to others — can not. Play with a belt – yes; but, throw it on someone else. 4, in order to achieve personal goals and damage the interests of others three, the destruction of the environment of the behavior of the 1, acts of violation of public morality, such as: stealing, looting, burning, killing, cheating. 2, do not comply with the behavior of public order, such as: car, buy a ticket, did not line up in public places. 3, the destruction of public property, damage to the environment behavior such as graffiti on the walls of public places; flowers, things to throw the water; spitting, littering. 4, uncivilized, rude behavior, such as: eat, put your feet on the table. 5, public goods, no return, or. For example: in the supermarket, can not turn over the shelves, do not buy items to put back to the original place; in the bookstore, can not turn over the shelves, do not buy the book to put back. 6, violation of the rules of the game or the rules of the game. For example: Game foul, chess shualai. I have a few stresses: 1, the so-called "can not condone", does not mean that the brutal suppression! I write this article means that, since it is necessary to adhere to the principle, must be clear in the end what is the principle, to give a standard of non judgment. Some people may see this article would say, well, there is a standard, well, this behavior belongs to the smile mama said "bad behavior", the parents can not indulge, so confidently scolding the child, child abuse, or painting相关的主题文章: