The child is not outstanding, depending on the mother’s character – Sohu maternal 月丘うさぎ

The child is not good, depends on the mother’s character – I do not know whether we have noticed the Sohu mother many biographies describing how the mother’s mother is gentle, virtuous, considerate, she always silently for child sacrifice without complaint, mother strong, kind, and see, if there is no what scares her…… These words are not very familiar with? It is the mother who is capable of producing such a wonderful child. Because the child has an instinctive dependence on the mother in the young, so the mother’s character, language and behavior will affect the child’s life. How to make the child’s personality habit is not the direction of the development of the character of the mother and mother inherited the advantages? The best way is the mother must converge their edge in front of the children, to become a true sense of the mother. The mother in front of the children, not at the negotiating table, do not need to use critical and perfect vision to look at the child, mother’s overbearing attitude, sarcastic ridicule language, behavior and control all the opinionated judgment of the child’s self-esteem, self-confidence of the harm is far greater than the examination oriented education. For the child, from the moment he was born, the child’s mother to the role of the request, almost constant. 1, before entering the door, forget their unpleasant. Before you enter the house, be sure to remind yourself that you forget all the unpleasant things in your organization, and now you are taking on the role of mother. Children need a mother is very happy, do not put the child has nothing to do with the bad mood passed on to the child, because the child is innocent. 2, the child’s little honor is very important. When the child told the mother he interested in today at school got a star or when the little red, don’t show off or a contemptuous disregard must praise him, and his son happily like. The best way to do this is to show his mother that he wants to share this happiness with him, because it is very important for children. 3, ignorance of the mother. When a child asks his mother, "how to pronounce the word" and so on, the mother had better not answer him immediately, the worst answer is "how do you even do not know the word". Mom had better look after, say, ah, I do not know, we look up the dictionary, okay? After a few times the mother taught the child to use the dictionary, at the same time, the child after reading the dictionary to understand the word will be a sense of accomplishment, after a number of times to develop information does not rely on the mother’s habit of. When a child asked his mother to question, mom can’t behave like in the unit so smart, loaded with "ignorance" is a good way to encourage children to use their brains, to rely on their own strength to think about this problem, or mother and children can read books or together with the aid of the network. My mother does not like "poured" as the answer to say, while also complacent, it is not good for children’s growth, after several times, the child will avoid asking mother very inferiority. 4, calm, calm, must be calm. When the child told the mother.相关的主题文章: