13th Five-Year during the Inner Mongolia Tongliao Naiman will build three series of Tourism – 小坂めぐる

  "13th Five-Year" during the Inner Mongolia Tongliao Naiman will build three series of Tourism — tourism channel the day before, learned from relevant departments, Naiman in the "13th Five-Year" period, will strive to cultivate and build a number of national style and local characteristics of a tourist project. Will build 1 4A level scenic area 3A level scenic spots within 5 years; 4, to promote the "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment," the six elements of tourism development, the tourism reception number reached 5 million 284 thousand passengers, the total income of 2 billion 676 million yuan. The construction of natural ecological leisure tourism area to treasure the flag series Gutu desert, silver sand island and nine strange willows as the focus, highlighting the construction of natural ecological leisure tourism area. Landscape features by Bao Gutu desert, create entertainment, leisure and experience as one of the tourist attractions, to carry out the zorb and slippery sand, glider and hot air balloons and other recreational activities, cultivating the three-dimensional recreation center + air ground, regularly organized folk desert sports events. From focusing on the completion of his white sound to treasure Gutu tourist area La Su Mu 18 km cement road widening construction, completion of the scenic area service station, landscape Avenue, scenic entrance plaza construction and road to various functional areas of greening, hardening, lighting projects, some of which the project has been completed, the remaining projects under construction. The restaurant on the water landscape bridge built in the service function construction, speed up the water on the shore, restaurant lighting engineering construction. The use of horse natural geographical conditions of woodland, grass field surrounding undulating dunes, build a modern CS counter-terrorism field simulation training base, in 2016-2018 years, 3 additional ecological toilets and other service facilities. In the original ecological environment of regional beautiful work, to blame the Liulin landscape features, to blame the willow culture and regional folk culture connotation in sightseeing, cultural experience, artistic creation, shopping as one of the major ecological tourist area, namely strange Liulin landscape park. Naiman mining history and religious resources, relying on the national cultural relics protection units Naiman palace, integrated by the margin of temple, temple, Qinglong temple and other cultural or religious resources, built in Naiman’s history and culture as the theme of religious tourism leisure area, project to be completed in 2020 the palace. On the edge of the temple by the layout style, combined with the current requirements of religious affairs, to the mountain gate, king hall, main hall, Guanyin hall, cangjingge for meridian total axis, on both sides of the repair and renovation of the Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Guan Gong temple, cleaning house, Ksitigarbha Palace, Yaowang Temple 37 sit building, was built in 2020 to complete. From 2016. To accelerate the construction of Qinglong temple tower, Drum Tower, cangjing pavilion. At the same time, complete recreational facilities, catering, garden, ecological toilets, parking lot and other facilities to form a complete, complete tourist attractions. The construction of high standard farmhouse, star tourist resort in the household series called River manor, new town, Bai Shengyuan mengjiaduan Bao Village, village, village, black guttu Nur Hari dry figure village and Xinglongzhuang village construction to create tourism resorts, pastoral scenery, farmhouse, special catering and tourism project. The establishment of picking garden, business center and the Villaggio Boutique Hotel, and in the "13th Five-Year" during the development of the farmhouse, fishing, and mengjiaduan Village)相关的主题文章: