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Credit card fun tricks to know how much amount is not the higher the better avoid cash Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! With the increase in the way of payment, go out without money has become a more popular way of life. Credit card spending is changing people’s lives, and credit cards are gradually accepted and loved by more people. In daily life, how to make the credit card to bring to life more convenient and affordable, want to play the credit card, the "routine" you have to understand. 1 credit card is not better this problem through the investigation after It differs from man to man., but found that there are still some people hope that their credit card is good. But at the same time to note: when you have a high amount of credit card, should avoid to consume but unable to repay the situation, "the demolition of the east wall buxiqiang" accidentally become slaves! Therefore, the credit card limit should be matched with their spending power. 2 the credit card number in the best 2-3 Zhang the credit card number of proposals under the control of the 2~3 a better, not better. Avoid which credit card number is less card annual fee, also can avoid forget repayment date caused by overdue, affect personal credit. The number of cards so much, once the amount of mixed, the credit card brush will have to pay excessive fees. 3 within the range of credit card to brush a few times the most cost-effective each credit card has a limit, as much as possible in this maximum limit credit card. So that you can enjoy long free period, but also the accumulation of credit, if things go on like this, banks are likely to help you credit card sales. 4 using the interest free period to avoid the credit card cash card usually remember to use a credit card, credit card is the longest interest free period of up to 56 days, during which you can also put the credit card Xiancun money together to buy short-term financial products, insist on a period of time will find that in fact a lot of income. In addition, we should also avoid using credit cards to take cash, even if the bank propaganda, free of charge, but the credit card overdraft fee is free of charge. If you do not understand, the daily interest is 0.05% with a credit card. 5 credit card activities more points for gift bank credit card customers for the line, launched promotional activities in different periods. For example, 10 yuan viewing, restaurant vouchers and other activities, such information will be launched in the bank website, may wish to always look. We all know that credit card points can be related to the bank in exchange for gifts, some cost-effective gift requires a little more integral to exchange, often look at the credit card redeem mall, see the right gifts and put a little bit of accumulation after integral exchange, can serve two. First you need to understand the types of card types of credit card holders 6 understand the credit, if your credit card is not activated, or credit card annual fee for life does not matter, as long as you can guarantee the security of the card. However, if the cardholder is a special credit card, such as platinum, etc., this card is an annual fee charged. If you keep on the theory相关的主题文章: