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The baby mouth is full of white floc thrush, how to break? Sohu maternal photo from the network read just after the hundred days of baby’s celebration, mother suddenly found that her two days of this emotional restlessness, loss of appetite, prone to crying, touched his head did not have a fever, other senses are also normal, remain perplexed despite much thought of the situation, when we have the sun at noon today the sun, the situation told us, we are not asking the baby about one hundred days there will be some abnormal. My baby is a girl who loves to laugh, weekdays we tease her dance music. I saw her sitting in the cart, they teased her smile. One laugh in the sun, I suddenly found that some are not the same place in her mouth, not by a careful look at the upper middle to both sides of one in a series of small white spots, very much like thrush. I immediately asked one mother know the situation, one mother nodded and said that, and she thought is one long horse tooth, can automatically eliminate, so there is no special care. I advised her to go home to wipe these spots with a cotton swab, if can be erased, and the mucosa below appeared obvious blood, the baby may have thrush. It would need to go to the hospital immediately take one smear test to further diagnose the disease, to prevent serious. One mother listen anxious, immediately pushed back home. After a while I call said, as I said, to wipe off the spots in some places after flushing oozing, albuginea will quickly grow back. What is the picture from the network [] also known as thrush thrush thrush, is caused by Candida albicans in neonates and infants oral mucosal inflammation, named for children with oral mucosal surface will form a white spot film sheet. In addition, some physical weakness, malnutrition, diarrhea, long-term use of antibiotics and corticosteroids in children also prone to illness. The prevalence of early children with oral redness, tongue, lip on the inside of the lower lip, buccal mucosa, in the place such as the emergence of a large number of similar to snow, such as the tip size of the soft spots, spots for fusion shortly after the patch, a milk clot can be covered with the oral mucosa. The damage of the oral mucosa without timely treatment will expand and spread to the pharynx, tonsil, gums, throat, esophagus, bronchial, and even cause Candida esophagitis, pulmonary candidiasis, leading to respiratory, dysphagia. Pictures from the network [] cause trigger thrush 1, if mother vaginal fungal infection, when the baby was born through the birth canal, the secretions of infected maternal contact. 2 bottles, pacifiers, disinfection is not complete (but do not need disinfection, breastfeeding time), mother’s nipple is not clean. 3, contact with Candida infection of food, clothing and toys. In addition, the infants in the 6 to 7 months at the start of long teeth, gums with mild pain, infantile love bite fingers, biting toys, so as to be easy to bacteria and fungus into the mouth, causing infection. 4, in the kindergarten collective life, sometimes because of the cross infection can suffer from thrush. 5, long-term use of antibiotics, or inappropriate application!相关的主题文章: