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Little sister’s lawn so useful, pregnant mother cut not cut? One day mother – Sohu encountered a deep problem, pregnant mother should cut pubic hair, suddenly, I was ignorant of the force. Because I did not react, pregnant with pubic hair, I do not know what the ambiguous relationship… After some thought, I think it is necessary to talk to the big guy, about the little sister in front of the side of the lawn. Pubic hair is the first or from what is the beginning. The grass in the little sister’s lawn is different from the others In fact, all of the hair… The pubic hair is long in the genitalia and on monsveneris hair. Female pubic hair, mainly refers to the long in monsveneris, big labium, vagina joint and perianal hair length in general 1-7cm (men in general 4-8cm). In general, an adult, there are about 3000 pubic hair, and, pubic hair and hair, the same will fall off, on average every six months to replace. As for the production of pubic hair, mainly by the adrenal and ovarian production of a small amount of androgen stimulation, under the stimulation of this kind of fan. Really, I didn’t expect you to be such a lawn. The role of pubic hair allows me to install a 13: there is reasonable". Our little sister in front of the door, there will be no end of a long lawn, it is always a little bit of it? Wood wrong, this lawn, a lot of useful. 1 guard pubic hair can block some foreign body, the invasion of bacteria, guarding the little sister. In front of the length of the lawn, how much can block dust? 2 absorption body perineal secretions and sweat sweat glands are bulky and dense, the relatively large amount of sweat, plus a little sister secretions… That place, bad ventilation… The pubic hair can absorb and distribute the pudendal sweat and secretions, let there not so boring". Maybe you are strange, is not the hair more boring? Then you see less of the role of mao… 3 cushion the presence of pubic hair, reducing the delicate skin of the little sister and clothing, such as direct contact and friction. (sister had said, cut the lawn, every day will be pants Nene and outside grinding to a little sister…) More importantly, in the AA process, pubic hair can be very good buffer so that the friction and collision, to protect the little sister, or after a few rounds of war, the little sister is easy to break the skin… 4 help pubic hair visual stimulation can make people excited, in addition, the hair follicles deep distribution of a lot of sensitive nerve fibers, pubic hair can stimulate sexual friction. Would you like to take off my pubic hair generally understand, sisters to remove pubic hair, there are several reasons (mainly to work in just ways said): take the pubic hair, there will be more clean, especially when hot days (or period), and will be more relaxed… Is not pure to take off, take off… (in particular, pregnant mother) when you have to take off, his first off the province to get embarrassed… In fact, do not take off pubic hair, for health, there is nothing much relationship, and not take off, purely personal preferences, pruning, but also to see the individual aesthetic. What does it really have to do with health, and, yes, pubic hair?相关的主题文章: