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Xi Jinping: August, January from the "health China" to "The Belt and Road – Beijing, xinhuanet.com reporter Wang Zihui [] when learning in August, Xi Jinping to local research, to inspect the troops, presided over the meeting, many also signed a decree, made important instructions, met with foreign guests…… The research has deployed a number of major events. Xinhuanet.com "learning" the original column "Institute" today launched the "August Xi Jinping January" series ", from" health China "to" The Belt and Road ", for several important activities you review Xi Jinping August. In August, Xi Jinping participated in the national health and health conference. The meeting, attended by all 7 of the Standing Committee, and the party and government, all aspects of the representatives to. Such a strong lineup is not common, because the theme of the meeting is to promote the healthy development of china. "13th Five-Year" period, we all work around the goal of comprehensive well-off to catch. Xi Jinping said at the meeting very directly, there is no national health, there is no comprehensive well-off". He stressed that the people’s health should be given priority to the development of strategic position". The meeting, Xi Jinping talked about the status quo from the history, from the route to talk about the policy, from the medical talk about ecology, focusing on the deployment of 5 aspects of the work, the purpose is to protect the people’s health in a comprehensive, full cycle". In the construction of a healthy environment, Xi Jinping speak very heavy. He stressed the need to implement the most stringent environmental protection system, effectively solve the outstanding environmental problems affecting people’s health". Health and ecology. The protection of the ecological environment, the whole country is. August 22nd to 24, Xi Jinping came to Qinghai to visit, aimed at this dish chess key hand. "Qinghai’s ecological status is important and special," said Xi Jinping. Qinghai’s greatest value in ecology, the greatest responsibility in ecology, the greatest potential is also ecological". Xi Jinping asked Qinghai to protect Sanjiang source and protect the "Chinese water tower", the greatest significance is to build national ecological security barrier. Xi Jinping stressed that the protection of ecological environment and ecological civilization construction is the most important foundation for sustainable development in china." Just imagine, soil and vegetation degradation, air and water is not qualified, the people who have what happiness, health and what protection? Of course, the protection of people’s health, improve national health literacy is also very important. As the saying goes, life is movement. From the concept of health, health, Xi Jinping pointed out that to promote the national fitness and health of the people of the depth of integration". Referred to the national fitness, will naturally think of the Olympic games. China’s National Fitness Day in August 8th, is to commemorate the successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. In August 25th, Xi Jinping met with the Rio Olympics Chinese sports delegation, welcome the Chinese athletes triumph. He stressed that "we are not heroes at the same time the outcome, the hero must first, dare to dare to contend for the first", fully affirmed the Chinese athletes in the Olympic Games show fighting spirit. Xi Jinping: to accelerate the pace of reform and innovation of sports.相关的主题文章: