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Why every time Jiang Jieshi out to back to Fenghua hometown tourism Sohu Xuedou mountain scenic area, national AAAAA level scenic area is located in the northwest of Fenghua Xikou Town District of Zhejiang city in Ningbo Province, the four branch of the mountain peak 800 meters above sea level. The "first Siming Mountain" reputation, Maitreya Buddha field. Scenic areas including Xikou Town, under the pavilion, Xuedou Mountain Lake three part. There are thousands of feet of rock, the three hidden lake falls, and discuss the wonderful high village and Lin Hai landscape. Penglai sea as Xuedou mountain have as early as the Han Dynasty, is a pearl on the east main tourist routes, Zhejiang Province ten scenery park laurel and selected five famous Buddhist China Title Xuedou Mountain Scenic Spots — 120 yuan Xuedou Mountain Scenic Tourism car — 30 yuan (tourists can in Xuedou any mountain ride down the mountain to a car on the mountain) started from here, but there are a lot of scenic spots, local strength, especially for our backpack with a camera man after 10 minutes drive to the hillside, the next journey to walk to move on to the wonderful high gate area the whole time, walk up the mountain, about more than and 20 minutes on the road is very quiet environment, green mountains and rivers! It is a rare summer resort halfway up the mountain there is a few tens of meters high waterfall is very beautiful, but in the angle of bad shooting is the recording of a photo from the snow in the mountains of the northwest Pavilion site, is a wonderful high, with deep valleys, many pines, from Taipei to the mountains, there are three hidden Tan, can be divided into three, with wonderful high sky, with no land, although Wan Feng, but the platform is not only peak, the "Miao Miao high peak on the stage". Under the Pavilion Lake is the Yan River upstream of the large artificial lake scenic area, an area of 6 square kilometers, a beautiful landscape. Here is where the period of the Republic of China Jiang Jieshi out when the residence and office, said at the foot of the mountain is not very good here, hidden rooms stocked with sea map, telephone, radio and other facilities, the Jiang Jieshi house behind the command office old chair! Every time Jiang Jieshi would take it up, the Jiaozishan under still can experience the room hung with the great revolutionary forerunner Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s portrait in the wonderful high hillside is a great place to work, visit there to set practical tips of 1 self driving vehicles can not be unified within the scenic mountain, transfer traffic car. 2 hills wet cool, mossy some road, mountain spring water seepage caused by stones in the road was very wet and slippery, careful slow. 3 train and sightseeing ropeway every month there will be a day before the repair, outage, be sure to consult scenic spots so as not to affect travel. 4 Xuedou mountain scenic spots play recommended line: Xuedou mountain tourism center, three hidden lake waterfalls (on hidden lake, hidden lake, hidden lake, sightseeing car (station), monorail station) to look at the Qianzhang waterfall, mountain cableway, and wonderful high rock thousands of feet lock bridge, green and Zhang Xueliang first quiet forbidden to Xuedou temple – Maitreya Buddha Scenic Area, mountain square相关的主题文章: