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Foreign media: the British network fraud rampant 5 million people last year to cancel the bank card reference news network September 23rd British media reported that, according to a survey last year, nearly 5 million people in the UK to cancel the bank card, this is by far the most clear signs of fraud in Britain reflects the degree of rampant. According to the British "times" website reported on September 19th, the survey showed that 10% of British adults in the face of cyber attacks, identity theft or bank card cloning, the replacement of a credit card or debit card. Bank card fraud to the victims of the average loss of 475 pounds, that is, the total amount of stolen funds exceeded $2 billion. Online fraud is so common that people are starting to avoid paying online, the report said. The survey, for the first time, focused on measures taken by British customers to protect the security of individual accounts, as banks refused to disclose specific information about the number of new cards issued each year. The victim not only need to replace the bank card in the encounter fraud, if hackers break through the network storage system specific information of the victims of Internet retailers and obtain the account, the victims also need to replace the bank card, huge losses will be renewed on whether the British police to deal with the network crime made large enough to discuss. The number of UK official statistics has almost doubled this year, following the first calculation of Internet fraud. These data suggest that the British people on the computer was robbed 20 times more likely to be robbed the possibility of encountering in the street. The police are actively investigating Internet fraud less than 10% of the total number of such acts, because of the excessive number of such crimes, the police had to rely on a computer program to assess whether the case is worth following up. As a result, only one of every 650 cases of fraud eventually convicted criminals. James, ·, a consumer rights group, said: "these figures show that cyber fraud has become very common.". Although banks compensate for the losses caused by most bank card fraud, there are many other types of Internet fraud victims who do not recover the money lost. At the very least, the criminal activities of these people should be thoroughly investigated." Safety engineering University of Cambridge professor Ross · Anderson said: "there is a police team only one or two people responsible for cyber crime police, so unless fraud involving terrorism or child pornography, otherwise they will almost certainly escape punishment." Reported that the study done by the British polling company – wave Cyprus companies found that 13 of the bank fraud victims by using more cash or reduce online transactions to deal with this problem, can be seen from the network of rampant crime is detrimental to the digital economy. However, the public is still not enough to estimate the risk of this, 14 of all bank cards and online accounts are set the same password. Jody · Beck is responsible for the principal wave Cyprus company to carry out the investigation department of the comparethemarket company funds).相关的主题文章: