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Parents culture is not high, can not help children learn? Wrong! Sohu, an online tutoring institutions teachers, nearly three years to help more than 40 children admitted to the key high school, famous university. Over the years of counseling process, he found a phenomenon, when the child is not ideal for parents to seek help, many parents will complain: learning is your own thing, parents can not help! Improve your grades by yourself!" "Your parents only a high school education, we also know if you go to school you’re not trying hard enough!" The teacher began to disagree, but also feel that the teacher is to help children improve the scores of things, the child to the teacher, the teacher since the conscientious. But some parents during the experience gave the teacher a very deep impression, he wanted to tell parents: don’t feel culture is not high and what can be done, in fact, help children improve results in a number of ways. 01 to create a good learning environment, improve children’s learning efficiency for children to create a good learning environment is very important! Although many parents realize that the child to the child counseling, but do not know how a learning environment for children’s learning is more important. One parent had the children to find several classes, but more than half a year down, the child scores have remained stagnant, uncover the truth, because the original is little more than a dozen people, classes, more than three or four people, the environment is actually with school and there is no difference, the environment is noisy, the teacher pointed is not strong, and so on, get a lot of problems and can not solve the children in this environment of the remedial class, it is difficult to improve performance is to be expected. 02 to the child to find a reliable teacher, can really improve the results have a parent, her child is very poor, in the pressure to find ways around the exam. The mother took a long vacation, traveled most line classes inquire about the situation. In order to understand the child does not rely on the fly, counseling effect is good. Every mother to a class with a book, quietly listening to the teacher in the class, do not know how many times by the security drive, to the end of the local mother class has been familiar with. When the mother and son with a focus on high school admission notice moved to tears, finally understand the truth: to improve performance, if the teacher does not have enough sense of responsibility, there is no specific skills, how could it? 03 every day and a half hours, do the child’s learning housekeeper, the effect is incredible! I believe that many parents’ culture is not high in counseling children, for children is the basic homework, parents are like "mumbo-jumbo". Although unable to direct counseling, but parents can assume the responsibility of the child housekeeper. There is a child’s mother every day to watch the video of the child’s class to test the effect of the child’s class, down a few times, she assured that: this I rest assured that the teacher has a sense of responsibility! Before the children reported a few classes, the teacher do things carelessly not hard to learn, children, I was too late for regrets until after the results came out! Some of the children admitted to Tsinghua University, their parents also have some primary school, junior high school graduation, they can teach their children in school? The answer is whether or not相关的主题文章: