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Lenovo executives: Yong Rui ushered in the new Microsoft doctor, former Intel executive Kirk joined Rui Yong, Phoenix Technology News News November 3rd, Lenovo Group announced today the appointment of three executives, strengthen Lenovo in every field of new business leadership, help the company to accelerate the transformation of a "cloud + equipment" of the enterprise. Earlier rumors of Lenovo Mobile Co President Chen Xudong return to PC business Lenovo did not respond to rumors. Dr. Rui Yong joined Lenovo from Microsoft Asia Research Institute, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Lenovo Group, leading R & D and technical team. Dr. Rui worked at Microsoft for 18 years, the achievement is striking, before joining Lenovo, Microsoft Asia Research Institute (MSRA) executive vice president, all project team leadership team and Key Research Institute of artificial intelligence. He has 60 U.S. and international patents, is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence experts, as the International Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE), in 2016, IEEE Computer Society technical achievement award. Dr. Rui Yong joined, will help Lenovo to build the core competitiveness of the next generation of intelligent devices and artificial intelligence. Kirk SkaugenKirk Skaugen, vice president of Lenovo Group and data center business group president. Kirk has a reputation in the field of science and technology, he worked in Intel for 24 years, served as senior vice president, who led the client computing services, data centers and Internet Systems division. Kirk is Intel’s youngest vice president and senior vice president in history. With the addition of Kirk, his data center in the field of expertise and experience will help Lenovo to improve business and create success. LauraQuatela, senior vice president and chief legal officer of Lenovo group. Laura has a rich professional experience and leadership in the international intellectual property rights, has worked in Kodak and Lucent Al Carter. In Kodak, she served as president of the world. In addition, she served as the first chief intellectual property officer in the history of Kodak, and was appointed as the company’s general counsel in 2011. In Alcatel lucent, Laura served as executive vice president of intellectual property rights, focusing on the implementation of the company’s patent portfolio. Rui Yong, Kirl and Laura join, marks Lenovo for the future, continue to introduce expert technical personnel for the future international high-end, strengthen technological innovation and exploration of reserves, more firmly implement the "cloud + equipment" strategy. Lenovo global strategy has three waves: the first wave is Lenovo’s current core business, to maintain its leading position and strong earnings in the field of PC; second wave, two new growth business, mobile business and data center business, the future to create a new growth engine; the third wave, is "cloud + equipment" the strategy, Lenovo hopes to become a pioneer of "cloud + equipment" in all things Internet era. Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing said: in order to meet the requirements of business diversification and sustainable development, we are attracting more industry top talent to join, and continue to strengthen the power of the leadership team. We are confident that the implementation of the strategy to achieve vision."相关的主题文章: