Fof fund manager exam hot review until 4 a.m. several people on the spot to fail the exam dnf商人吧

FOF fund manager exam hot: review until 4 a.m. several people on the spot We want you fail the exam! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: FOF fund manager exam hot: review until 4 a.m., 80 minutes pass, several people were reported: WeChat chinafundnews China fail the exam Fund [] to the first FOF exam is not too hot open  , there are more than and 90 test points also said. China fund newspaper reporter Kongshan and a cool autumn rainy today, Beijing, Financial Street Bank of communications building, gathered a number of public offerings in the industry standard FOF fund manager, their association to computer in zestfully answer. Ready for nearly a month’s time, today can finally take the results of the battle. The first reference can use "hot" two words to describe, who participated in the examination of the quasi fund fund manager told Jun, the test today has two, very full, "a lot of companies have in the application, I participate in the afternoon, the scene about 15 people, filled with, do not know there is no field tomorrow." The fund Jun reported, exam atmosphere radio, multiple choice, judgment, a total of 100 questions, the examination time is 100 minutes, 80 points is the pass line. The exam is more difficult than imagined, more than one to participate in the examination of the quasi fund manager to fund Jun said that the examination is more flexible, and requires a very understanding of the operation of the fund. Fund Jun: how many points did you take? Quasi fund manager: can not disclose. Fund Jun: on 90? Quasi fund manager: on the. Jun: =_=||| fund, congratulations! Because it is a test, after testing can spot a result. Beijing, a prospective fund manager to participate in the examination, said in accordance with the requirements of the outline prepared, pro forma process very uncomfortable, generally ready to be able to. Last night to see four o’clock, the pressure is still very large, but if you want to test a lot of colleagues to delay the hard work, delay the submission of materials. At last." Before the fund Jun also reported that many fund companies have been ready, ready to report. Time, as long as you can get the fund manager qualification, the fastest at the beginning of November will be reported to the product, the time is pressing. But according to the multi inquire fund Jun, really have not had. "I heard a few," said the prospective fund manager. These may have been properly affected the submission of their products, but each company can be reported twice a week, this time did not, you can wait for next week. The above four points to sleep last night, the quasi fund managers will try to finish nonstop back to the hotel product plan, now the fight is speed. Once again review the notice issued by the association to apply for the registration of FOF fund managers should have the following six conditions: first, access to fund practitioners; the two is more than 3 years on相关的主题文章: