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Hunan Taoyuan built the invasion of Japanese germ warfare victims monument – Beijing Xinhua Changsha September 18th news (reporter Tan Chang) "918" incident 85 anniversary of the invasion of Japanese germ warfare victims Memorial officially inaugurated in Hunan County of Taoyuan province. Changde germ warfare victims families, lawyers, scholars and other representatives from all walks of life to participate in the inauguration ceremony. According to the Changde Japanese germ warfare victims association president Gao Feng introduction, the monument is located in Ji’an bay village of Taoyuan County town of Mazongling was an epidemic in 1941 Changde bacteria war, a total of 16 villagers died due to infection of plague. 2015, a local family of bacteria war victims proposed the construction of the monument, often the German city of Japan, the association of bacterial warfare victims to raise funds to build this year. The Japanese invaders Germ Warfare Victims monument by a piece of rock and base rock, the front engraved with "the disaster monument" three characters. Black pedestal engraved with the inscription, described by the local tragic history of bacterial warfare against, warn future generations do not forget national humiliation. "This piece of stone has concentrated the tragic fate of the vicissitudes of the germ warfare in Changde killed 7643 people, provides a vehicle for future generations to pay homage to the dead." Gao Feng told reporters. Chise Keiichiro, the head of the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ group on the day of the battle against the bacteria, said at the memorial ceremony that he would conduct propaganda in Japan to allow more Japanese people to understand the history of the bacteriological warfare.相关的主题文章: