Dalian three new public friendly sea area headache怎么读�

Dalian new row three public area Pro a visitor in reading a sign erected in Heishijiao inform sea carefully, clearly written in the area of the sea range, sea notes and other details, and clearly inform the link if tourists law enforcement units. Originally, this is the Dalian Municipal Bureau of ocean and Fisheries in the days before the first put to use "sea bulletin", in addition to Heishijiao, small Fujiazhuang, Shicao area also set up two "sea bulletin", in the future, the public, the sea in the southern waters of fishing equal to a strong guarantee. Clearly the public bulletin board sea rights and obligations for finding "a pro fishing difficult problem in an effective way, since this year, the city of ocean and Fishery Bureau will work into the public Thalassophile bureau Party committee important schedule, held a special meeting to discuss, in July this year, the municipal government decided to" make more for the public sea space "work as an opportunity, in the premise of ensuring the legitimate interests of farmers is not occupied, to maximize the maintenance of people’s sea rights, legal procedures on the basis of marine and Fishery Bureau issued a notice to the existing farmers within the prescribed time limit from the farming area gradually, but also the sea in China; and based on the investigation and field reconnaissance, actively coordinate with relevant parties and farming households. The day before the sea conflicts are most concentrated, the voice of the masses, the highest Shicao Heishijiao small Fujiazhuang, three coastal waters designated as pro public area, and set up the first sea bulletin board official notice to the community open. It is understood that in the bulletin board on specific content, clear waters and the public visitors to the responsibility and obligation to indicate the scope of the pro coastline and schematic drawings, clearly pointed out that people can go fishing, swimming and sea Pro sea range, and kindly reminded the public to Caution!, protection of the marine environment, marine resources and care the sea, notices and telephone complaints etc.. The use of "Pro sea bulletin board", to a large extent, to avoid the occurrence of disputes. Set up on the bulletin board in the construction process, many onlookers have thumbs point of praise and applause. There are a lot of people at the scene said: with this brand, after the beach to play, I feel at ease. In the future, the city will continue to promote the work of the marine and Fisheries Bureau open sea, in accordance with the municipal Party committee and municipal government work requirements for the public to make more pro sea space, to ensure that the people of the sea to play the sea.       Peninsula morning, Haili network reporter Xiao相关的主题文章: